New for 2024


The Festival of Biologics brings you the latest developments across the entire value chain of the biologics industry, and is always looking to bring new content each year to deliver on this. In 2024 we are proud to introduce and expand on the following sessions.


Diagnostic devices, technologies and approaches are a vital part of the drug development cycle, with different versions being used at all stages from discovery, through development to clinical trials. This year, a dedicated Companion Diagnostics track will explore advances in matching patients to therapeutics, examining personalised medicine, biomarker analysis and in vivo diagnostic techniques. Elsewhere on the agenda speakers will present on diagnostic devices including wearables in clinical trials, the characterisation of early stage therapeutic proteins, and the implementation of molecular diagnostics for pharmacogenomics.

The Festival of Biologics aims to cover the start-to-finish of the biologics value chain and therefore is excited to introduce a key link in the chain between engineering therapeutics and clinical development: translational medicine. Presentations will explore strategies for moving from lab development to the clinic, introducing clinical practice, and considerations for benchside, bedside and community engagement.
Building on our story of the start-to-finish, the Festival of Biologics brings you a revamped session on delivering therapies to market. With sessions exploring the European regulatory landscape, market access and sustainability, and the impact of real world evidence and pricing on commercialisation, as well as the impact of biosimilars and the lessons that can be learnt from these therapies, this full three day track is designed both for experts in these areas and for those who want to develop their understanding of this final stage before launch.





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