At PHABIOC, we are proud to offer our customers innovative consumables and analytical tools that drive research and development in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. Our pioneering products automate experiments and optimize processes to increase efficiency. 

We are delighted to introduce our SpecPlate - a revolutionary multiwell plate that elevates plate-based UV/Vis spectroscopy to unprecedented heights. With its exceptional features, it minimizes the error rate and delivers unparalleled precision across a broad optical density (OD) range. With its remarkable versatility, and seamless integration with your current laboratory setup, the SpecPlate emerges as the quintessential choice for enhancing your laboratory experiments. 

Our breakthrough product PermeaPad offers a revolutionary solution for permeability assays. With its state-of-the-art technology, PermeaPad enables precise and reproducible experiments to investigate the permeability of substances through biomimetic barriers. Its user-friendly application, combined with a wide range of compatibility options, makes PermeaPad the optimal choice for researchers who want to delve deeper into understanding bioavailability. 

We are continuously expanding our product portfolio to meet the needs of different users in various application areas. At PHABIOC, we are committed to advancing research by setting new standards and helping shape the future of research.