Netabolics, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Rome, Italy, is a deep tech startup specializing in empowering pharmaceutical companies with advanced in silico solutions for drug discovery. Our mission is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical R&D landscape by assisting companies in understanding the biology of diseases and predicting the behavior of potential new drugs in humans well before they enter clinical trials.

At the heart of Netabolics is a patented technology that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence and mechanistic biosimulation, offering unparalleled decision analytics to de-risk the drug discovery and development process. We excel in selecting biological targets and biomarkers using in silico target deconvolution, as well as in optimizing the drug efficacy and toxicity profile using what-if scenario analysis. 

We are committed to providing pharmaceutical companies with a decisive edge, allowing them to make informed decisions based on first principles and, ultimately, deliver transformative therapies to patients worldwide.