Mermaid Bio


Mermaid Bio GmbH is on a mission to create breakthrough intrabodies (antibodies for intracellular targets) to treat unmet patient needs. We link next generation antibodies together with advancements in drug delivery to create a proprietary platform capable of producing breakthrough medicines. All the drug candidates developed by Mermaid Bio will be first-in- class, as there are no approved antibody drugs that target intracellular proteins directly.

Most diseases develop inside cells, yet most biologic therapies target extracellular proteins rather than going to the source. In the past decades, antibodies have revolutionised medicine mainly due to their perfect antigen-binding capability, that minimises off-target effects. Yet, intracellular proteins (90% of all proteins) remain out of reach, as evidenced by the lack of intracellular antibody approvals to date, much less their non-existence in clinical pipelines.

Mermaid Bio is the first company to combine mRNA/LNP and single-domain antibody technologies to create a viable and unique intrabody approach. We develop high-quality, patent-protected individual assets. The first intrabody program (with possible modifications) targets β -catenin in the development of (but not limited to) liver cancer We call this the “ABC” program (anti-β -catenin). This program is now at the in vivo efficacy stage following clear and successful in vitro readouts.