Gamma Proteins


At Gamma Proteins we passionately believe that the cost of protein reagents should not be prohibitive to scientific research and for this reason have formed a company with the mission to increase the quality and reduce the cost of recombinant proteins. Over the last few decades recombinant protein production has undergone a revolution. The costs of DNA sequencing and gene synthesis have fallen sharply and advances in mammalian transient expression have made gram per litre level expression of many proteins routine. Despite these advances the cost of critical research reagents, especially recombinant proteins, has risen. The founders of Gamma Proteins are experienced scientists with deep knowledge of recombinant protein expression, purification and quality control as well as the supply of reagents and services to the bio-pharmaceutical industry. We were founded in the United Kingdom in 2023 with a vision to deliver substantially lower cost protein reagents without compromising on purity and biological activity. Specifically, we are focussed on the supply of Fc gamma receptors and FcRn in bulk quantities to customers worldwide through a network of trusted distributors.