The Conference


5 Key Themes Broadband Communities Summit will help you tackle


The Keynotes

Exploring the big picture of delivering high-speed broadband networks to communities in the USA. High profile speakers share their vision for the future and how we get there, whilst also discussing how digital and broadband innovation impacts employment opportunities and the wider economy.



Exploring the investment, regulatory and policy context for delivering connectivity to US communities. Key topics will include the progress of BEAD funding allocation, legal and regulatory challenges, partnership models, investment, and commercial strategy for network deployments.


Technology & Operations

Discover the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations which are enabling property owners, service providers, and public officials to improve network deployments and to offer the best services for residents and end-users.



Community development is central theme throughout the Broadband Communities Summit and this year will see a renewed emphasis on closing the digital divide and ensuring that no community is left behind. This stage will focus on the multitude of communities which make up the US; from master-planned developments to rural towns, from tribal nations to communities living in large cities, and more.



Bringing multifamily property owners together with the key providers and stakeholders who are enabling the digitisation of their assets and unlocking the power of connectivity for residents. This stage will explore the technical, operational, legal, and commercial challenges for the multifamily sector.





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