VEIL.AI – the most experienced European health tech company in health data anonymization – has developed and patented next-generation AI-based anonymization technology that brings the quality of anonymized health data to a completely new level.
The VEIL.AI Anonymization Engine creates extremely high-quality subject-level anonymized and synthetic data – that is GDPR-free – providing great new possibilities for life science companies, hospitals and all organizations utilizing sensitive data:
  • Improve your Data Science capabilities by bringing advanced anonymization to your data analysis platform
  • Re-use your own existing data; you can e.g. merge your own advanced anonymized RCT data
  • Increase the value of your existing data, e.g. RCT data
  • Use advanced anonymized Real-World Data to create Real-World Evidence
  • Investigate e.g. rare diseases and clinical outcomes with richer and larger datasets
  • Develop AI algorithms with advanced anonymized or synthetic data for better treatments (e.g. predictive analysis about different disease variations of leukemia and the appropriate individualized treatments and drug trials)
  • Use virtual control arms with high-quality anonymized subject-level data to speed up and reduce the cost of clinical trials
  • Enable transborder data collaborations – e.g. combine US and EU datasets
VEIL.AI is a member of the iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine competence cluster and has locations at Helsinki Meilahti hospital campus (Finland) and Copenhagen Science City (Denmark).


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