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VEIL.AI – the most experienced European deeptech company in health data anonymization – is introducing a safe way to use sensitive health data for secondary use: Next-generation anonymization.

AI-empowered VEIL.AI Anonymization Engine creates high-quality individual-level anonymized and synthetic data – that is GDPR compliant – providing valuable new possibilities for pharma and diagnostics companies, hospitals and all organizations utilizing sensitive health data for secondary use purposes.

Read more about our public reference case study with Bayer here:

Traditionally most of the research and development work has been using pseudonymized data and there have been lots of restrictions and bottlenecks (e.g., GDPR). But thanks to next-generation anonymization technology it is now possible to create advanced anonymized datasets and draw the same conclusions as from traditional pseudonymized, individual-level research data – GDPR-free.

What does this mean – how can the new patented technology help pharma companies?

There are many great use cases and possibilities, e.g.:

  • Share clinical data (utilizing high-quality anonymized data)
  • Utilize high-quality anonymized data in clinical trial design
  • Re-use your own existing (RCT) data and increase the value of your data
  • Enable transborder data collaborations – e.g., combine EU and US datasets
  • Improve your Data Science capabilities by bringing next-generation anonymization to your data analytics platform
  • Use next-generation anonymized RWD to create Real-World Evidence
  • Speed up and reduce the cost of clinical trials (e.g., by utilizing high-quality anonymized data in synthetic control arms)
  • Investigate e.g., rare diseases and clinical outcomes with larger datasets
  • Develop AI algorithms with next-generation anonymized or synthetic data


VEIL.AI has offices at Helsinki Meilahti hospital campus (Finland) and Science City, Copenhagen (Denmark). Currently we are working with global pharma companies, university hospitals, biobanks and health data authorities.


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