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The Hyve is the data & informatics service provider for life science organizations looking to align their data infrastructure with their research needs. We provide services regarding biomedical informatics solutions to most of the top 20 biotech and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, and medical centres in the United States and Europe, including Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and King’s College London. We also collaborate with biobanks, registries, and patient organisations around the world. 

Our mission is to enable open science by developing and implementing open-source solutions and FAIRifying data in life sciences. We have ample experience with open-source tools such as cBioPortal, Open Targets, OHDSI/OMOP, RADAR-base, and Fairspace. The Hyve can also help clients unlock the full potential of their research data with our Research Data Management Engineering services, including semantic modeling, knowledge graph creation and FAIR by Design solutions. 

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