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About Kvantify

Kvantify is a pioneering quantum software company based in Denmark. The company leverages quantum and high-performance computing to create revolutionizing solutions for complex scientific and industrial challenges. Kvantify’s mission is to make quantum computing technology widely accessible and a valuable tool for businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit (www.kvantify.com).


A new approach to drug discovery

Kvantify is developing a computational drug discovery platform to help biotech and pharma companies improve the quality of the compounds they test in the lab by leveraging proprietary high-speed, accurate physics-based methods. We have a particular focus on applying our bespoke algorithms to optimise from the early Hit-to-Lead phase to the late Lead Optimisation phases of the drug discovery pipeline, helping companies move from thousands to a handful of high-quality candidates.

We have just launched a tool that, in under 10 minutes, predicts and ranks small molecules according to their unbinding kinetics, or k-off rates, an important metric impacting dosage and selectivity, which there currently is no time or cost-efficient way to predict today. We have no loss of accuracy compared to the current costly computational solutions.

We also have proprietary tools for binding affinity and docking and leverage open-source solutions where necessary. We are currently looking for clients who can take advantage of our help in optimising the kinetic profile of their small molecules before they get to the lab through a fee-for-service model.

Our ground-breaking solutions enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to iterate smarter, save time & money, and derisk the drug discovery process


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