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Cresset delivers software solutions and contract research expertise enabling companies to accelerate their small molecule discovery processes efficiently and effectively. Customers include the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, flavor and fragrance industries. The scientific research enabled by Cresset technology is performed in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, both in industry and academia.

It is our goal to ensure research chemists have access to best-in-class solutions, enabling them to reach their next project milestone faster, and win the race to scientific success with seamless collaboration and insights across the Design-Make-Test-Analyze cycle. Reducing the drug discovery cycle time and increasing the quality of lead molecules enables our customers to save discovery costs by focusing on the molecules most likely to succeed. By reducing the time it takes for a drug to get to market, patient health can be improved and critical diseases treated sooner.

Cresset comprises two business units:

  • Cresset CADD Software: licenses intuitive solutions for molecule design and discovery to the world’s leading research organizations, including big pharma, mid-cap and biotechs and prestigious academic institutions.
  • Cresset Discovery CRO: a specialist contract research organization providing strategic consultancy alongside the software business unit. Maintaining an in-house and experience computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) team can be expensive for both start-up and established biotechnology companies, as well as academic groups and large pharmaceutical organizations. This is particularly challenging if computational chemistry is not an on-going part of the organization’s research program or if the particular targets of the company are very specific, requiring a limited skill set and knowledge area. An additional challenge is the number of Computational Chemists that are being recruited into the currently popular sector of AI.

In 2022, Cresset secured investment from Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) to accelerate product development and international expansion. Although Cresset has independently increased growth in recent years, this investment will enable enhancement of development capability and significantly reduce time to market of innovative science and novel tools which in turn will have direct impact on the speed of drug discovery by customers.


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