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BioData World West 2019 is bringing the latest and most innovative technology from startups offering solutions in AI, machine learning, data management, analytics, quantum, telehealth and more.

Our StartUp Zone will feature 50+ startups exhibiting and presenting their solutions and how they impact and disrupt life sciences and healthcare by advancing R&D and improving outcomes in healthcare systems.

By partnering with investors and incubators, the StartUp Zone will also provide a platform for startups to learn more about how to secure funding from VCs and grant agencies, as well as forge partnerships that can enable revenue growth and offerings to pharma, biotechs, hospitals, payers and other healthcare providers.

The confirmed startups include:


Massive Bio connects patients and their treating oncologist to the best available treatment options including clinical trials and advanced care options while enabling enterprises to get access to patients at community practices to enhance oncology research.
OWKIN passed the proof-of-concept phase and is now providing its innovative AI algorithms to several of the largest cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and in the US.
CoverUS uses their powerful new consumer-driven health data wallet and mobile engagement platform to empower everyday people to protect and profit from their health data and engagement.
Family Self Care supports natural healthcare through the use of the first connected, intelligent dispenser of essential oils allowing effective, simple and natural treatment.
Notable Labs’ translationally focused drug development company uses a clinically validated, automated compound sensitivity platform to identify and advance novel therapeutic candidates to dramatically reduce the cost/time of the traditional drug development process.
Loop Genomics’ long-read DNA sequencing technology provides phased sequencing solutions across a diverse repertoire of research and clinical applications.
GenomiQa Pty Ltd provides hospitals, clinicians, and healthcare driven companies with high-quality analysis of data from whole genome sequencing.
Lifebit’s cloud-based system allows researchers and pharma to understand data through a highly scalable, modular and reproducible system, that automates the analysis processes.
Karius uses genomics and AI to better understand patient’s microbial make-up to assist clinicians in making rapid treatment decisions.
Bowhead Health’s at home biometric testing device of critical nutrients and hormones, will allow patients to receive real-time healthcare recommendations from heal care professionals.
OneThreeBiotech combines biology with AI to uncover novel biology and build the next generation of drug discovery.
PhenoMX is commercializing a Personalized Digital Physical Examination to measure major vital organs & tissues of the whole body, using noninvasive MRI scanning for precision medicine, personalized wellness, and increasing longevity.

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