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Life in the Air is a rising Software as a Solution (SaaS) company that specializes in building customized ancillary revenue and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) solutions for airlines across the globe that increase both customer satisfaction and the airline’s bottom line. 

Our cutting-edge technologies are championed for their unmatched adaptability and versatility, surpassing contemporary travelers' ever-changing demands.

LiFE continues the passenger experience while in the air.

We know passenger relationships and touchpoints between departure and landing are key to airline success, which is why at LiFE in the Air, our goal is to improve how in-flight retailing and entertainment is experienced. We're dedicated to equipping our airline partners with adaptable, profit-generating solutions that surpass the ever-changing demands of contemporary travelers, worldwide.

Our positive collaborations with airlines are based on 3-key principles: Innovation, Partnership, and a Passenger-centric Approach.

  1. Innovation – We prioritize continuous innovation, utilizing the most advanced technologies to improve the passenger experience. 
  2. Partnership—We consider our relationships with airlines as genuine partnerships. Meaning we work closely with them to fully comprehend their unique requirements and obstacles and then deliver tailored solutions that interface with existing frameworks (if needed), so the product can better contribute to business goals.
  3. Passenger-centric approach—Most importantly, we exceed the needs of the modern-day flier by building captivating in-flight experiences. 

Next Steps: Have we landed your interest and wish to explore a possible partnership? Reach out to Andy Palacios via to explore partnership possibilities.



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