Aurrigo is a specialist in autonomous and semi-autonomous technology solutions for the aviation, ground handling and cargo industries. With six vehicles developed to date, we can tackle multiple use cases from moving passengers or crew through to baggage and cargo. These solutions can be utilized to reduce costs, resolve operational issues and tackle labour shortages, whilst also improving sustainability. 

Our latest innovative vehicle, Auto-DollyTug® is an all electric, autonomous vehicle that combines the utility of a baggage tractor, with the ULD (Unit Load device) carrying capability of an airport dolly all in one, making a more flexible and space efficient vehicle. This means that a combination of an Auto-DollyTug® towing three trailers carries four ULDs or over 30% more than a traditional tug set-up of the same overall length. Auto-DollyTug® incorporates robotic arms on the body, allowing the vehicle to autonomously load and unload a ULD itself, for a truly end-to-end autonomous operation. 


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