Low Cost & Regional Airline Business

The low-cost and regional airline sectors are constantly evolving, driven by the initiatives of those who work in these competitive industries. Low Cost & Regional Airline Business magazine offers detailed, accessible analysis of these business strategies and the technologies that transform working practices.

We have a team of experienced journalists writing on a broad range of topics, from aircraft and airports to business practices and the latest technology, as well as regional focuses and coverage of major developments. There are also regular interviews with key decision-makers in which they share their experience and expertise. 

Keep updated in between issues by visiting www.lowcostandregional.com which provides access to the high-quality, objective analysis that you find in our magazines in addition to a wealth of industry news, events, jobs and blogs on our dedicated airlines channel.

Low Cost & Regional Airline Business is available free to professionals working in the aviation industry. To subscribe, email circulation@airtransportpubs.com.