Aviation IT will cater largely to the CTOs of airlines and airports and explore how the airline industry can use new technologies and the handling of data to promote operational efficiencies and forward thinking customer experiences.

Conversations on connectivity both in the air and on the ground are hot topics, along with how providing new age technologies will connect the airport, airline and traveler. To innovate we must collaborate, and for this reason we are gathering the airline industry's top technologists.

Make sure you're there with the leaders of aviation IT this year to attend sessions on:

  • Bandwidth - how can I provide enough?
  • How to effectively stream video for passengers in the aircraft
  • How do you know your PSS will last in a world of rapid technological advancements?

Get involved

If you'd like to become an exhibitor or sponsor at the event, contact
Michael Ryan on tel: +1 646 619 1787 or michael.ryan@terrapinn.com