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Aviation IT Show, Tuesday 24 May 2016


Breakfast & Registration

Mr Marc Rosenberg

Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Marc Rosenberg, President, STRATACONNEX
Hilton Sturisky

Keynote Address: Transforming your airline’s infrastructure to adapt to the growth and demands of customers and the ULCC market

  • Infrastructure – leveraging private and public cloud capabilities to better address business opportunities
  • Security – investing in creative solutions to protect your customers’ data and privacy
  • Website –  rebuilding a customer-facing website and laying the groundwork for mobility with responsive design
  • Team  – capitalizing on the transformation of IT to foster team collaboration and growth
  • Data – intersecting data with intellectual capital to make better decisions
Hilton Sturisky, Chief Information Officer, Spirit Airlines
Mr Alberto Rey Villaverde

Keynote Address: How to apply data science to revenue management to maximize sales through supply, demand and competitor pricing

  • Identifying prescriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive analytic capabilities
  • Artificial intelligence to predict demand for inflight food and beverage
  • Using drones to survey aircraft and collect data points to improve operational efficiencies
  • Segmenting the market and daily price adjustments through historic and real-time data
  • Machine learning algorithms to counter competitor pricing and automate processes
  • The evolving perception of data sharing and automation
Mr Alberto Rey Villaverde, Head of Data Science, easyJet

Speed Networking & Morning Break

Panel discussion
Aviation IT Show

Panel: Distribution in the Caribbean and LatAm

  • OTAs vs. metasearch engines
  • Investing in big data projects
  • Regional carriers competing with national carriers
  • Dealing with low volumes
  • How to overcome low travel volumes and political and economic instability
Moderator: Manoel Suhet, VP of Sales LATAM Airlines Group, LATAM Airlines Group
Alicia Lines, Head of the Vice President’s Office, IATA
Anton Diego, CEO, EveryMundo
Rafael Martinez, VP, Distribution & Revenue Management, Aerolineas Argentinas
Mr Ron Peri, Chief Executive Officer, Radixx International Inc
Dzulkiflee Taib
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: How to build an awesome booking engine

  • Learn tips on how to differentiate your booking engine
  • Integrating Amazon Echo’s Alexa speech interface
  • Leveraging on Internet of Things IoT to enhance your booking engine
Dzulkiflee Taib, C.E.O, Matchbyte

Networking Lunch


Joint Interactive Roundtables, 14:40 - 15:20

Aviation IT Show

Roundtable 3: Fare strategy - How to revolutionize your booking engine

  • What are the current fare strategies applied with airlines around the world and how effective are they?
  • How will technology influence how customers search and book airline fare products in the future
  • What are the key technological inhibitors when implementing your fare strategy
Dzulkiflee Taib, C.E.O, Matchbyte
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable 5 - BYOD: Platforms on board, the new touchpoint with customers

  • How to approach them? 
  • Can we monetise them? 
  • How to achieve ROI?
Mr Juan Carlos Iglesias, Head of Strategy and Commercial, Immfly
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable 2: How will satellite satisfy the unrelenting demand for connectivity?

  • Future-proofing a global network across bands and architectures
  • Addressing time to market and payload adaptability
  • Ensuring coverage and scalability
Sr. Program manager Arnie Christianson, Sr. Manager, Program Management, Data Mobility, SES
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable 7 - PSS: reliability and efficiency

  • How do you know your PSS will last in a world of rapid technological advancements?
  • Replacing vital legacy technology components with new systems, while ensuring that valuable data files are protected
  • How to become more customer-centric
Mr Christopher Jessen, Chief Information Officer, OneJet
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable 8 - Business Intelligence: Data mining and warehousing for aviation

  • Developing an effective data warehouse for the entire business
  •  We need an enterprise-logical model – “a data warehouse, not a warehouse of data”
  • How to build one version of data that is accessible by all departments and used as actively as possible to create business opportunities and deliver competitive advantages
Mr Karl O'Donoghue, Director Distribution & B.I., North America, Air France - KLM

Afternoon Networking Break

Wynn Baum

Presentation: How digital is driving a fundamental shift in customer experience and airline operations

  • Redefining the customer experience
  • Driving increased operational efficiency
  • Increasing employee engagement and partner synergies
Wynn Baum, Head of Sales, Aerospace & Defense / Airlines, HCL Technologies
Mr Bobby Healy

Presentation: The science behind ancillary personalisation

Mr Bobby Healy, Chief Technology Officer, CarTrawler Ltd
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Tracking the traveler on the ground to boost retail sales and passenger experience

  • NFC, RFID and beacon technology – where are my passengers and what do I do with this information?
  • Data mining –  tactical marketing campaigns
  • Big data – shifting the way it is managed
Moderator: Jason Wilson, Director of Real Estate Management and Commercial Development, Miami International Airport
Mr Martin Boyer, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
Charles de Coquet, Practice Head, Travel and Transport, NIIT Technologies
Mr Jacob Guerra, Senior Manager, eCommerce, United Airlines
Mr Marc Rosenberg

Chairman's Closing Remarks

Mr Marc Rosenberg, President, STRATACONNEX
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Aviation IT Show, Wednesday 25 May 2016


Breakfast & Registration

Mr Marc Rosenberg

Chairman's Opening Remarks

Mr Marc Rosenberg, President, STRATACONNEX
Mr Paulo Miranda

Keynote Address: How to offer passengers the latest in-flight and connectivity technologies while maintaining the LCC model

  • Enabling passengers to stay connected, informed and entertained
  • How to distribute and subsidize costs
  • BYOD vs. seatback entertainment systems
Mr Paulo Miranda, Chief Experience Officer, GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA
Mr Seth Cassel

Keynote Address: The direct channel, passenger acquisition, and owning your customer

  • New customer acquisition and incremental revenue growth
  • Improving customer experience and conversion online through new technologies
  • Executing highly technical strategies without highly technical people
Mr Seth Cassel, President, EveryMundo

Morning Networking Break

Aviation IT Show



Networking Lunch

Panel discussion

Panel: Airlines in transition facing the challenges of termination, migration, and changes in business models

Moderator: Timothy O'Neil-Dunne, Founding Team Member, Expedia, Managing Partner, T2Impact Ltd, Co-Founder, VaultPAD Ventures, on behalf of, Hitit Computer Services
Peter Hammer, Founder & CEO, The Hammer Group
Mr Sami Aras Kubilay, Business Development, Hitit Computer Services
Mr Seth Kaplan, Managing Partner, Airline Weekly
Mr Orhan Sivrikaya, VP, Onur Air
Laurie Gablehouse

Presentation: Deconstructing the payment experience (Omni What?)

What good is a great product if you can’t collect their money?
Laurie Gablehouse, Principal Consultant / Travel Payment Strategies, Ingenico ePayments
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From new business and revenue models to new technologies, this is the event for airline executives to learn all they need to know about revenue in one place.

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