Kenn Walters | CEO
Gespania SL

Kenn Walters, CEO, Gespania SL

Dr. Kenn Walters, a commercially astute and highly skilled Senior Executive with over 40 years’ experience in directing and managing major business and technology projects and development programs as well as extensive experience in global management consultancy and business/technology research and analysis. A competent strategist capable of delivering innovative plans and activities designed to facilitate enhanced operational performance and process improvement, and where required driving those plans into deployment. Widely regarded as a strong and supportive leader who thrives in challenging and high pressurise environments internationally and in differing cultures. He is fully conversant in a variety of industries with regards to the latest and near future trends in business and technologies, including designing and starting virtual and licensed network operators and Smart Cities together with cloud infrastructures while viewing closely sustainability and ESG. In research and advisory his specialized subject areas include Business Global Expansion, CX/UX, Digital Business Transformation, Cybersecurity, Smart Infrastructures and solutions, and Software Defined networking/Cloud. He appears as a distinguished analyst or expert advisor for many of the worlds top research and advisory companies, as well as providers and enterprises and is extensively published. Previous roles have included Distinguished analyst for ISG, Global Consulting Manager and Vice President at META Group and Experton Group (USA & EMEA), Founding ‘(start-up) director and Interim CxO of Viag Interkom Germany, (now O2 Germany), VP and Board advisor to ITT Corporation America, VP Telecoms Practice CAP Gemini Consulting EMEA, and Interim VP and Board advisor to IBM Corp USA and Siemens/Nixdorf Germany, as well as multiple interim CxO positions and advisory/consulting roles. Dr. Walters holds a BSc, an MSc and a Ph.D. in Computers/Communications and information systems (Major Networks) and has completed many postgraduate studies in business, HR and finance. He is a Fellow of the British Computing Society (BCS) and member of NY academy of sciences.  

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