Participating in the World Communication Awards is a uniquely valuable proposition, here's a few reasons why:



Launched in 1999 the WCA have been the blue-chip mark of telecom excellence for 26 years. Launched at the height of the telecom boom in 1999, the awards were marked out as something special from the start, with Arthur C. Clarke offering the welcome address at the first ever awards ceremony in Geneva.

Today you will find the distinctive WCA sail trophy proudly displayed in the offices of many of the worlds’ leading telecom companies, whilst the logo is instantly recognisable across the industry and has been displayed by winners as a sign of achievement on everything from business cards to subway trains!



The longevity of awards is only ensured if participants recognise that they are of value. We have always worked hard to ensure that World Communication Award winners are selected based on merit and that our process for judging entries is fair and transparent.

The judging process is a multi-stage process with all entrants completing the same entry form, followed by first round independent judging and an intense live and virtual judging meeting to decide the results.

Central to this is our assessment process, which uses our panel of independently led judges to review and score the entries, conclude the shortlist and choose the winning ocmpanies. Currently our judging panel comprises more than 100 expert and recognisable individuals selected from across the industry based on their expertise and impartiality. 

You can be assured that any company making the shortlist has already demonstrated their worth as a leader in the industry.



Back in 1999 the telecoms industry was far simpler, and this reflected in the categories for the World Communication Awards, which were almost entirely focused on the service provider. Over the intervening twenty-six years, the industry has evolved, the level of complexity has increased and the role of the equipment provider, service provider and intermediary have blurred.

Every year we review the categories of the WCA, to ensure their relevance and offer awards that today's telecom industry wants to win. This ongoing evolution ensures the awards are relevant not just today but for the next twenty years.



Why enter awards if you don't perceive value in doing so? Of course, there is great value in recognising the great work your colleagues do, and being shortlisted or winning an award is tacit endorsement of your company or products which you can leverage in marketing, but what do we do?

Well actually quite a lot, and we try to do more every year!

The World Communication Awards are organised by Total Telecom, a global publisher with a community of more than 100,000 telecom professionals, and we do several things to help you leverage this audience including:



We run an annual editorial campaign, starting at the entry stage, progressing through the shortlisting process and offering exposure to the winners. Increasingly we try to provide specific editorial coverage to the finalists and winners. Check out the interview that our Editor, Harry Baldock had with 2023 ‘CEO of the Year’ winner, Ahmed Mohamud Yusuf (CEO of Hormuud Telecom).



Our TV crew are always onsite at the World Communication Awards. We give great exposure to finalists and winners who attend, as well as to event partners, such as this interview with Nokia's CEO UK & I, Cormac Whelan.



We utilise our extensive social media footprint for ongoing promotion of finalists and winners from the announcement of the shortlist, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

To discuss more of what makes the World Communication Awards unique, please get in touch.



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