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The Asia Communication Awards were launched by Total Telecom as a companion event to the industries leading awards programme, the World Communication Awards.


They set out to recognise the superstars of the world most exciting telecom market and have evolved as the market has changed. Relaunched for 2020, the ACA recognise that there has never been a greater need to recognise and reward companies and individuals for innovation, excellence and commitment to making the world a better place.


Recognising the potential ongoing restrictions on how people gather and travel, we have opted to design the 2020 ACA with a virtual awards ceremony in mind from the start. This we believe will also have additional benefits of encouraging more entries as entrants will not have the additional cost of joining a physical gala dinner, but more importantly makes the event more inclusive – if you make the shortlist, invite the whole company to see if you win!


The Asia Communication Awards are organised by Total Telecom, we use our position at the centre of the telecom market to understand its heartbeat and to deliver an awards programme characterised by the independence and impartiality of our extensive judging panel and our ability to ensure the award categories evolve to resonate with the most senior executives in the industry.


We hope you agree that the industry needs an opportunity to be recognised. Join us – we look forward to working with you.




The ACA come from the same stable as the World Communication Awards and can trace their roots back to 1999. They are organised by Total Telecom who have been serving the telecoms market since the 1970s!



The longevity of awards is only ensured if participants recognise that they are of value. We have always worked hard to ensure that ACA winners are selected based on merit and that our process for judging entries is fair and transparent. We use a multi-stage judging process and a panel of independently led judges to review and score the entries, conclude the shortlist and choose the winning companies.



Every year we review the categories of the ACA, to ensure their relevance and offer awards that today's telecom industry wants to win. This ongoing evolution ensures the awards are relevant not just today but for years to come.



Why enter awards if you don't perceive value in doing so? Of course, there is great value in recognising the great work your colleagues do, and being shortlisted or winning an award is tacit endorsement of your company or products which you can leverage in marketing, but what do we do? We do a lot and try to do more every year, including:

  • annual editorial campaign to support the awards
  • exposure to finalists and winners including interviews
  • cross fertilising award success with our conference events
  • leveraging our extensive social media footprint for ongoing promotion of finalists and winners




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