Dubai, 10 - 11 April 2019


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Host: Nihal El Daly, Managing Director, Axellerus Business Consultants
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PANEL: The rise of promising payment platforms

  • Uncovering the rise of tech firms leveraging the mobile marketplace
  • Delving into ecosystems, environments, regulations and demographics driving the rapid adoption
  • Accelerating mobile payments with mega-wallets and “super-apps”
  • Identifying the hurdles of mainstream adoption
  • Effect on the incumbents and the wider value chain?
Moderator: Michelle Evans, Head Of Digital Consumer, Euromonitor International
Ahmed Sabri El-Shanawany, Head Of Mobile Money- Mobile Payment- Digital Payment- Financial Inclusion, Orange Egypt
Niroshan Balasubramaniam, Chief Executive Officer And Founder,
Harrison Jones, Co-Founder, YallaParking
Samer Soliman, Managing Director - Middle East, Network International Llc
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PANEL: Inclusion rises. Disparities remain.

  • Overcoming the inequalities between rich and poor, men and women
  • Outlining the opportunity o 1.7 billion adults unbankedo 2/3rds have a mobile phone
  • Empowering with digital banking for prosperity and economic growth
  • Capturing the exponential growth in mobile financial transactions to reach underserved or unserved markets
Bulent Tekmen, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Colendi
Hamza Alsmadi, Cio, Eldorado Funds
Omar Fisher, Founder, iwealth
Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer, Sarwa
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CEO PANEL: Where next? The digital banking strategy

Banking Innovation
  • Building a competitive 2020 digital strategy
  • Competing with challenger and digibanks
  • Investing into fintechs and launching a digital arm
  • Accelerating legacy systems with new technology and innovation
  • Creating an internal innovative culture and tech-first workforce
Moderator: Malikkhan Kotadia, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Finnovation Labs
Peter England, Chief Executive Officer, RAK Bank
Ahmed Issa, Chief Executive Officer - Consumer Banking, Commercial International Bank
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MIDDLE EAST PANEL GCC: revolutionising identity in the region

Seamless ID
  • Building the infrastructure for interoperable identity across the GCC
  • Embedding the Middle East into the wider world with high tech identity systems
  • Collaborating with airports, governments, banks and workforces
  • Developing the technology throughout the Middle East for regional efficiency
  • Improving biometric technology
  • What is next for the region?
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The current situation

  • Taking an overview of the current regional ecommerce industry
  • Discussing the potential of the ecommerce industry to reach 50 billion AED by 2020
  • Keeping pace as competition is driving the industry forward
  • Leveraging the young population demographics of the region who value convenience over experience
Dharmin Ved, Chief Executive Officer Ecommerce, Apparel Group
Apr 1009:00
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PANEL: Embracing digital transformation

  • Examining the current stance of the regional retail industry
  • Understanding the process: establishing a realistic strategy
  • Enabling a truly seamless offline to online journey
  • Creating a digitally enabled organization from the bottom up
  • Where to look for innovation? Home-grown, R&D, partnerships…
  • Developing your omnichannel offerings
Bernard Creed, Vice President Finance, Dubai Duty Free
Yassine Sibari, Chief Executive Officer, Zara & Inditex Alhokair
Khaled Al Darwish, CEO, Manuel
Greig Fowler, Chief Executive Officer, AW Rostamani Lifestyle
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PANEL: Cracking the supply chain code

Home Delivery
  • Integrating a customer focused end to end omnichannel strategy from packaging to last mile delivery
  • Adapting your operating model: collaboration across marketing, merchandising, store management and IT
  • Choosing your supporting infrastructure for omnichannel supply chain: EDI v’s API
  • What and when to stock: using analytics to intelligently predict demand patterns
  • Utilising disruptive data-driven technology, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT
  • Applying AI and data insight to substantially change the way supply chains are managed: from reactive to responsive
Azzam Jarad, Chief Technology Officer,
Sanjay Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder, Clues Network Pvt Ltd
Apr 1009:15
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PANEL: Building loyalty and community with authentic storytelling

  • Gaining competitive edge and increasing sales by connecting with your customers
  • Understanding and evoking your customers emotions to strengthen your brand identity
  • Enhancing the value of your content with storytelling to increase brand loyalty
  • Combining professionally created content with intelligently curated user generated content
Wael Barghouti, Founder, BSG
Leena Khalil, Co Founder And CCO, MumzWorld
Sudeep Ghai, Chief Customer And Commercial Officer, flyadeal
Amelie Jabban, Global Brand Manager, Alexandre.J
Himanshu Wardhan, India Managing Director, Etsy
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Is your reverse supply chain fit for purpose?

Home Delivery
  • Facing the new challenges associated with reverse logistics in an ever growing omnichannel market place
  • Guaranteeing that the structure of your reverse supply chain is fully optimised so delays aren’t eating into profit
  • Automating reverse logistics aspects to decrease costs and increase efficiency
  • Leveraging physical stores as product return hubs to offset inflated costs
  • Consolidating brick and mortar with ecommerce reverse operations for complete optimisation
  • Incorporating blockchain use to track products flowing back upstream
Apr 1009:30
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PANEL:Transcending faster checkout with digital wallets

  • Adopting mobile platforms to eliminate purchasing friction
  • From “buy to bye”: increasing conversion rates for businesses
  • Establishing secure, convenient and rewarding payment systems
  • Combining convenient CX and customer intimacy on a mobile platform
  • Cracking authentication with intangible credentials
  • Going beyond a faster and convenient checkout
Moderator: Michelle Evans, Head Of Digital Consumer, Euromonitor International
Atyab Tahir, General Manager Innovation, Habib Bank Ltd
Bipin Preet Singh, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, MobiKwik
Apr 1009:30
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PANEL: The fintech promise: achieving full financial inclusion

  • Are incumbents falling behind to meet sustainable development goals?
  • Utilising innovative business models, products and emerging technologies to drive financial inclusion
  • Spurring fintech innovation for the vulnerable
  • Going beyond banking with additional opportunities such as savings and investment, low cost payment systems, insurance and credit
Moderator: Cameron Mirza, Head Of Strategy, University Of Bahrain
Michele Grosso, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Democrance
Katharine Budd, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, NOW Money
Muhammad Ashraf, Chief Operating Officer, Mint Middle East LLC
Apr 1009:30
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CIO PANEL: Refashioning the bank for a challenger ecosystem

Banking Innovation
  • Countering neobank, challenger bank and digibank competition
  • Launching a digital arm
  • Big client lists, big pockets, big reputations: the incumbent advantage
  • BaaS: is this the future of traditional banks? Are banks doomed to become the backend dumb pipe?
  • Discovering the impact of mid-sizes banks: squashed in the middle?
  • Stripping legacy systems to become more agile and innovative
Moderator: Michael Dooijes, Co Founder And Managing Director, Startupbootcamp
Javed Edhi, Group Head & CIO, Technology & Digital Innovation, Silkbank Limited
Ghinwa Baradhi, Chief Information Officer - Middle East, North Africa & Turkey, HSBC
Shahid Sumar, Chief Information Officer, Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Ltd
Rizwan Arain, Chief Information Security Officer, Habib Bank AG Zurich
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UAE CASE STUDY Emirates ID: the portable personal database

Seamless ID
  • Discovering the new wave of identity technology in the UAE
  • Utilising the Emirates ID for verification and authentication
  • Capturing new forms of data through innovative technology
  • Developing the infrastructure to build new identity technology
  • Promoting the “my data follows me” initiative
Apr 1009:30
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PANEL: From self-checkout to cashier-less: the future of the checkout experience

  • Making physical shopping closer to one-click online shopping
  • Advancing from self-checkout to seamless ‘walkout’ technology
  • Return of the QR code
  • Knowing your customer history before they check out
  • Using tablets for checkout and driving cashless payments
Khaled Al Darwish, CEO, Manuel
Laurent Guitart, CEO, Circle K
Apr 1009:35
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Succeeding in the subscription economy

  • Harnessing rich data generated from subscriptions to improve services and customer retention
  • Creating compelling customer experiences by focusing on customers not products
  • Enticing your customers by adding value to your subscriptions
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships to inspire loyalty and trust in your brand
  • Retaining your subscriptions and maintaining the consistent cash flow
Matthieu Guinard, Chief Executive Officer, GlamBox Middle East
Apr 1009:40
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Adopting emerging supply chain offerings

Home Delivery
  • Applying AI to enhance and automate decision making to reinvent current business models
  • Combining pattern capabilities with more advanced prescriptive capabilities
  • Mitigating future adverse events with advanced analytics
  • Using IoT for better asset utilization, higher uptime, improved customer service by better understanding customer needs
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots: doing more with less
Apr 1009:50
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Mobile wallets and payments: where do we really stand?

  • What are the barriers to mainstream adoption?
  • Is the wallet and payment industry headed towards consolidation?
  • Providing consumers a reason to register and use a service
  • What incentives will actually change consumer habits: rewards, in-app and online payments, offers and notifications
  • Using mobile payments as the catalyst for a better commerce experience
  • Is mobile payment infrastructure up to scratch?
  • Do consumers still have security concerns?
Alain Falys, Co-Founder And Chairman, Yoyo Wallet
Apr 1009:50
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PANEL Collaboration and diversity: the keys to financial inclusion

  • Looking at the bigger picture to tackle regional necessities
  • Opening financial inclusion to the many with multiple platforms through partners
  • Utilising the advantages of both banks and fintechs for new product launches, investment opportunities and infrastructure development
  • Collaborating with the wider industry e.g. insurers, remittance etc. for a diverse product range
  • Disaggregation of the value chain with open platforms and APIs
  • Supporting fintech experimentation on a regional and global scale
Moderator: Sahana Arun Kumar, Managing Director, Amarante Consulting
Virraj Jatania, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Pockit
Rami El Dokany, Chief Executive Officer, Pride Capital
Apr 1009:50
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CASE STUDY: Liv bank: driving digital banking in the UAE

Banking Innovation
  • Creating a digital lifestyle bank
  • Discovering the movement towards digital banks in the Gulf
  • Automating customer facing channels
  • Capturing the millennial population of the gulf
Jayesh Jitendrabhai Patel, Head Of Liv Digital Bank, Emirates NBD
Apr 1009:50
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BAHRAIN CASE STUDY Travelling the GCC with your national ID

Seamless ID
  • Combining immigration ID, driving licence and CPR card into one
  • Transforming national ID into a payment gateway for government services
  • Easing investment and strengthening ties across the GCC
  • Utilising biometrics at e-gates and immigration
Apr 1009:50
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PANEL: How to go viral: influencer marketing

  • Including influencers in the entire marketing process for deeper insight and alignment
  • Choosing the right influencer to drive authentic engagement and brand loyalty
  • Maximising return on investment by creating a measurement framework
  • Actively engaging with consumers through user generated content
  • Understanding the rules and regulations of influencer marketing
  • Giving your brand a voice across all channels: scaling your social media exposure
  • Delivering true, authentic engagement via real experiences
Apr 1009:50
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Retail hack

  • Understanding the key primary forces and trends creating a new retail reality
  • Uncovering the frameworks used to identify key challenges and barriers facing traditional retail, and e-commerce
  • Recapping the retail hack workshop inputs and outputs
  • Presenting proposed initiatives representing the voice of the industry
  • Taking the next steps to ensure initiative execution
Muna Saif Alnuaimi, Expert, Dubai Economy
Apr 1010:00
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Blockchain: the backbone of digital supply chains

Home Delivery
  • Implementing blockchain to shorten lead times, save money and build transparent supply chains
  • Optimising end to end blockchain enabled supply chain to increase traceability
  • Ending the lack of transparency with data and adding value with blockchain
  • Validating each milestone of the supply chain with QR codes
  • Reducing fraud for high value goods and eliminating the impact of counterfeit productsDecreasing the time spent validating data and focusing instead on delivering goods and services
Apr 1010:10
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Leveraging loyalty to drive mobile payments adoption

  • Blurring the lines between customer experience and loyalty
  • Capitalising on big data to predict and personalise services
  • Incentivising consumers to purchase with real time promotions and offers
  • Monetising customer insights across the business
  • Overcoming the major hurdles with loyalty longevity
Ramzi Saboury, Chief Commercial Officer, Areeba sal
Apr 1010:10
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Accelerating financial inclusion with an augmented digital identity

  • Augmented Identity a game changer for digital inclusion onboarding and authenticating of citizens and payments.
  • Bringing millions of individuals into the financial ecosystem (i.e. financial inclusion programs, branchless banking initiatives)
  • Benefits of creating a persistent digital identity associated with biometric attributes in today’s landscape
  • Building the infrastructure for interstate identity interoperability
Ea Chaillioux, VP Digital Solutions Business Line, Idemia Group
Apr 1010:10
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Digi-physical: the “secret sauce” for digital banking systems

Banking Innovation
  • Developing unique experiences through multiple platforms
  • Refashioning application journeys, new payment technologies and back office automation
  • Deflecting challenges with exceptional human intervention and personal CX
  • Revitalising the onboarding process
  • Offering consumer choice, live chat, innovative KYC and human intervention if required
Laurent Dhaeyer, General Manager E-Commerce, Geidea
Maseeh Ahmed, General Manager, Digital Banking, Geidea
Apr 1010:10
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Entering the world of augmented identity

Seamless ID
  • Securing and authenticating transactions across multiple industries
  • Capturing data and building the next generation of payment powered cards in the GCC
  • Constructing the infrastructure for interstate identity interoperability
  • Utilising the tech savvy population of GCC nations to develop new initiativesReserved for sponsor
Apr 1010:10
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Video: delivering connected customer content

  • Understanding the explosion of online video and its impact on marketing budgets
  • Creating content that transmits and resonates with your audience
  • Increasing engagement with vertical videos
  • Transmitting brand authenticity, transparent context and cutting costs with live streaming
  • Square it up: square shaped videos v’s vertical videos, why does it matter?
Apr 1010:10
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Seamless omnichannel roll out: instore and online

  • Seamlessly integrating all selling channels and solutions into a single platform
  • Providing consistent, meaningful experiences to your customers at every touch point
  • Anticipating what your customers are doing across every channel and every business unit
  • Integrating digital customer engagement and commerce within your physical store
  • Capturing customer orders, improving customer service and managing customer financialsReserved for Salesforce
Russell Howe, AVP, Salesforce MC Data Solutions - EMEA, Salesforce
Apr 1010:10
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Boosting profit margins with supply chain

Home Delivery
  • Unlocking the value of your supply chain operations to improve profits and competitiveness
  • Embracing omnichannel as the critical driver of growth
  • Transforming legacy supply chains to increase commercial growth potential and ensuring optimum efficiency
  • Achieving greater customer engagement, profitability and share per wallet with your supply chain strategy
  • Integrating automation to reduce costs while advancing efficiency
Apr 1010:20
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Converting customers into ambassadors through user engagement and marketing automation platforms

  • Centrally and securely managing customer engagement whilst scaling across social, web and mobile apps
  • Converting customers into outspoken evangelists through enhanced UX and marketing automation
  • Building and growing a community of ‘superfans’
  • Leveraging customer feedback to improve products and experience
  • Taking a long-term perspective on customer expectations to continuously deliver value
Apr 1011:30
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11:30 KEYNOTE Official welcome address

Reserved for H.E Ambassador Mohamed Al Rabea, Secretary General, Council of Arab Economic Unity
Apr 1011:31
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Reserved for H.E. Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri, Advisor, Council of the Arab Economic Unity, Chairman, Arab Federation for E-Commerce League of the Arab States
Apr 1011:50
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KEYNOTE Rise of the robots… knowing what technologies to invest in, and when

  • The increasing datafication of our lives: knowing what to do with unprecedented amounts of data
  • Voice-enabled assistants: how important is voice as a revenue stream?
  • Leveraging AI and automation to deliver a hyper-personalised commerce experience
  • Beyond the hype of AR and VR: bridging the gap between online and offline
  • Anticipating the billions of connected IoT devices: understanding which to invest in
  • Blockchain: changing the nature of all transactions
Apr 1012:10
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KEYNOTE Technology is dead

  • Connecting technology to the human
  • Placing the consumer at the epicentre of innovation
  • Creating usable, effective and transformative technology
  • Exploring the shortcomings of innovation projects
Chris Colbert, Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Lab
Apr 1012:30
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KEYNOTE The new normal for commerce: what will shopping look like in 2030?

  • How is technology shaping shopping?
  • Creating new efficiencies with backend technology improvements
  • Combining automated warehouses with new pickup and delivery options to reduce fulfilment times and changing consumers’ definition of immediacy
  • Simplifying returns making it far less painful for retailers and consumers alike
  • Deploying AI and ML across the entire supply chain, optimising the most inefficient parts of retail
  • Generating natural language text and voice for search to flawlessly match the intent and preferences of the shopper
  • Allowing shoppers to visualise products on their faces and bodies, and in their homes, with AR
  • Start-ups: delivering the capabilities that will enable new shopping experiences and providing greater competition for established brands that must now be nimble enough to compete
Apr 1012:50
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KEYNOTE Telco banks of the future: reinventing mobile money

  • Shifting to constant connectivity with mobile wallets
  • Utilising existing network infrastructure and connectivity to offer seamless services
  • Collaborating with banks and retailers to achieve maximum effectiveness
  • Financial inclusion: the importance of mobile wallets, payments are remittancesEnquire now to sponsor
Apr 1014:00
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PANEL: Exploring the next evolution of X-Border

  • Eliminating borders with cross border, multi-currency wallets
  • Proliferation of P2P X-Border with mobile payments
  • Connecting digital wallets globally with seamless interoperability
  • Utilising AI to connect global wallets securely through KYC and fraud detection
  • Globalisation: new business models for a new global landscape
Moderator: Eleni Kitra, Head Of Automotive And Financial Services, Facebook
Alvaro Abella, Executive Director, Gulf Capital
Fintan Byrne, Chief Compliance Officer, Currencyfair Ltd
Apr 1014:00
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PANEL: Regtech 2020 and beyond

  • Leveraging technology to survive in the global regulatory framework
  • Managing the influx of solutions for a complete ecosystem overview
  • Will regtech ever overtake fintech for investors? When will investing become a “no brainer”?
  • Compliance officers: declining in importance, or vital role for expertise, judgement and experience?
Moderator: Malikkhan Kotadia, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Finnovation Labs
Devesh Mamtani, Director – Investments & Advisory, Century Financial Brokers Llc
Chris Kiew Smith, Head Of Fintech Strategy, Global Market
Hudson Hollister, Founder, Data Coalition & Data Foundation
Apr 1014:00
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PANEL: Banking without branches

Banking Innovation
  • Discovering the new wave of digibanks in the region
  • Innovating internally or partnering with fintechs?
  • Where next? The future of brick and mortar branches
  • Capturing the millennials with digital banks and usable apps
  • Exploring the success stories
Moderator: Mirna Sleiman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Galaxy
Abdulla Al Tuwaijri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Boubyan Bank
Apr 1014:00
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CASE STUDY Aadhaar: the foundation to new initiatives

Seamless ID
  • Digitising the data behind the 1.3 billion
  • Capturing the information in rural locations
  • Moving beyond citizen management with biometric authentication and social inclusion
  • Leveraging the scheme within private enterprises
  • Exploring the next potential use cases:o Driving licenceo Bank accounts, PANso Mobile phoneso Social securityo Payment serviceso Transportation
  • Overcoming any security and fraud threats
Apr 1014:20
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Fintech: levelling the playing field in FX and X-border

  • Are fintech’s surpassing banks?
  • Producing the technology to support B2B and B2C payments
  • Meeting the changing consumer expectations with innovative mobile remittance platforms
  • Offering multiple payment options for fast, secure and affordable transfers
Joe Tusin, Chief Executive Officer, Chynge
Paolo Baltao, Senior Vice President Eon Banking Group, Union Bank Of The Philippines
Vivek Vaidyanathan, Director/Head Treasury And Trade Solutions Uae, Citibank
Apr 1014:20
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PANEL Sandboxes & reglabs: transitioning to a digital future

  • Conducting small scale, live tests of new products and delivery models
  • Tackling global technology with a regional mindset
  • Turning experiments into real life use cases
  • Attracting VCs and pushing start-ups beyond borders to increase international competition
  • Are regulatory sandboxes working? Do we need more?
  • Recognising the importance of incumbent-innovator partnerships with open sandbox access
Hadyah Fathalla, Executive Director, C5 Accelerate
Tarek Ghobar, Regional Manager,
Apr 1014:20
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PANEL: The transformative power of automation in banking

Banking Innovation
  • Placing banking at the forefront of the new “machine age”
  • Transitioning RPA and AI from the back office to the front office
  • ATM 2.0: moving towards robo-banking, interactive ATMs and chatbots
  • Spurring innovation, increasing demand and altering the competitive dynamics beyond operational transformation
Moderator: Mohsen Malaki, Managing Director & Partner, Synergy Consulting
Aref Al-Ramli, Senior Vice President, Head Of Digital Banking And Innovation, Mashreq Bank
Chitrajit Chakrabarti, Head of Sales - GCC, BPC Banking Technologies
Divya Bathija, Director Strategic Projects, RAK Bank
Apr 1014:20
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CASE STUDY Kosovo: going mobile

Seamless ID
  • Utilising smartphones for identification
  • Accessing corresponding data with cross device technology
  • Developing the back-end systems for watertight security
  • Empowering citizens with identification in the palm of their hands, 24/7
  • ID wallet: the next step for Kosovo?
Apr 1014:20
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PANEL: ‘Dear first name…’ Driving a better ecommerce experience with personalisation

  • Hyper-personalising your content to nurture prospective customers with relevant messaging
  • Understanding the true intent and context of each visitor with behavioural tracking
  • Personalising product results for customers through the search box and capitalising on the data
  • Auto-suggesting and recommending content: helping customers to make a selection
  • Customising the homepage to drive conversion
  • Automatically analysing and applying insights from your data
Apr 1014:20
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PANEL: Introducing the new ROI- Return on Involvement

  • Measuring ‘Return on Involvement’ and developing a highly involved customer
  • Understanding your customer’s motivations to build long lasting experiences
  • Avoiding overinvestments that provide an underwhelming solution
  • Keeping shopping as human and visual as possible
  • Using technology as an enabler and connector of experiences
  • Creating immersive customer journeys that enhance brand affinity
  • Employing automation to ask the right questions rather than analysing the wrong answers to enhance brand experience
  • Case Study: turning participation into a strategy
Moderator: Nihal El Daly, Managing Director, Axellerus Business Consultants
Lennard Francois Otto, Chief Executive Officer, IMG Worlds of Adventure
Ahmed Ragab, Chief Executive Officer And Partner, Baraka Retail Group
Apr 1014:20
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PANEL: Prepping for the future of delivery and fulfilment

Home Delivery
  • Changing consumer expectations:
  • Same-day delivery evolves into two-hour delivery
  • Next day delivery standardisation
  • Drone delivery
  • Driverless delivery
  • Crowdsourced delivery
  • Reshaping the rules of accountability in the supply chain: who pays for the damage?
  • Ensuring product integrity with packaging: recycled, durable and slick
  • Rolling out data virtualisation for end to end fulfilment transparency
  • Assessing your fulfilment system capabilities and partnering with trusted 3PL’s to meet customer needs
Essam El-Okda, Transportation Manager-Mena, Unilever
Yaman Alpata, Senior Director, International, Hepsiburada
Ian Ohan, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Freedom Pizza
Apr 1014:40
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Transparency & speed: e-wallet payment and remittances for the digital age

  • Bridging the gap: how digital wallets can help
  • Digital first remittance firm’s v legacy innovation
  • Moving people, moving money: powering remittance services for the travelling generation
  • Exploring the additional services that come with e-wallets
  • Managing money through the e-wallet
  • Creating transparency through the customer journey
Mushtaq Hussain, Chief Operating Officer, BayanPay
Apr 1014:40
Conference pass

Data centricity: rise of the APIs and sharing systems

  • Addressing concerns in shared services and storage to mitigate increased pressure on APIs
  • Looking towards fintech collaboration to drive data sharing protocols
  • Developing the technology for banks to be the “ultimate gatekeepers”
  • Becoming the trusted home of digital IDs and associated data sets
  • Leveraging regtech to safely store and share consumer data
  • Managing data in a “right to be forgotten” era
Jarek Bialek, Entrepreneur in Residence, MITA Innovation Hub
Apr 1014:40
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PANEL: AI empowered automation: hype or seismic industry impact?

Banking Innovation
  • Delivering a major industry change with chatbots, advanced machine learning and deep learning
  • Extracting relevant information from unstructured data with AI technology
  • Disappearing payments into the broader transactional experience
  • Integrating payments into automated machines acting on the consumers behalf
Ahmed Abdel Moneim, Head Of Digital Banking And Innovation - Retail Banking, United Bank of Egypt
Vincent Teo, Vice President, OCBC Bank
Apr 1014:40
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CASE STUDY Estonia: the world’s most advanced digital society

Seamless ID
  • Creating an online portfolio of services for citizens
  • Overcoming security issues and worries
  • Discovering the vulnerabilities with e-services and digital ID
  • Creating new initiatives in a digitally native country
  • Pioneering an e-residency scheme throughout the nation
Apr 1014:40
Conference pass

Creating the future shopping experience, today, with advanced personalisation

  • Combining tech powered personalisation with human interaction to create great CX
  • Understanding the personalisation disconnect: targeting your strategy to meet customer expectations
  • Evaluating missed chances to engage with your customers, reduce shrink and improve sales
  • Identifying specific customer segments with location intelligence and spatial analytics
  • Tailoring stores, websites and merchandise to the expectations of well-defined customer segments
Apr 1014:50
Conference pass

From flying money to blockchain: the turning point

  • Speeding and simplifying X-border transactions through AI and blockchain technology
  • Tracing payments in real time on a distributed ledger
  • Role of distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies: what does the future hold?
  • Driving commerce globally with blockchain powered instant X-border payments
  • Supporting SMEs with efficient and cheap global payment systems Reserved for sponsor
Apr 1014:50
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Suptech: going beyond regtech

  • Revolutionising regulatory watchdogs with supervisory technology
  • Digitising data, operational procedures and automating regulatory process
  • Revolutionising the regulatory watchdogs with proactive and automatic notifications
  • Preventing noncompliance and responding to violations in a matter of minutes
  • Utilising AI, blockchain, data analytics, and machine learning to overcome previous compliance breachesReserved for sponsor
Apr 1014:50
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Identity for tomorrows citizen

Seamless ID
  • Determining the journey towards identity in 2030
  • Privacy v efficiency: finding the balance
  • Securing identity in the physical and digital world
  • Managing the entire value chain from registration and verificationReserved for sponsor
Jana Krimpe, Co-Founder, Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities (GANMI)
Apr 1014:55
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AI: revitalising and automating email marketing

  • Gaining insight into your customer’s insights and needs to deliver customised experiences
  • Performing more robust testing
  • Identifying trends in real time with machine learning: subject lines, email content, send times, frequencies, calls to action
  • Driving click and conversation rates in real time
  • Accelerating emails with chatbots for high-quality conversation
  • Understanding the general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the impacts to your marketing strategy
Apr 1015:00
Conference pass

PANEL: P2P: “the next shiny object” in mobile banking

  • Transforming systems for the increased spending power of millennials
  • One step ahead: creating innovative solutions that consumers aren’t yet aware they need
  • Multiplying customer engagement through real time P2P/social offers
  • Monetising P2P payments through social networks
  • Exploring the contributing factors of the sharing economy
Ahmed Al Refaei, Chief Operating Officer, Al Masraf
Sandeep Indurkar, Head Digital Payments, ICICI Bank Limited
Apr 1015:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Rethinking the lending and credit value chain

  • Exploring the new ecosystem
  • Collaborating or competing with fintechs and bigtechs?
  • Discovering hybrid lending models to capitalise on the SME market
  • Playing to your strengths: scrutinising the incumbents and fintechs
  • Utilising the banks liquidity with balance sheet lending
  • Combining the banks scalability, firepower and reputation with fintech innovation
Moderator: Mohsen Malaki, Managing Director & Partner, Synergy Consulting
Mihriban Ersin, Chief Operating Officer, Colendi
Apr 1015:00
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PANEL Planet of the APIs: reshaping the future of payments

Banking Innovation
  • Distributing digitally innovative services for customers
  • Encouraging partnerships through open APIs
  • Collaborating with fintechs to promote customised apps
  • Overcoming regulatory and cybersecurity concerns with open APIs
  • APIs becoming mandatory? PSD2 in Europe
  • Enabling mega-wallet functionality owned by the many, not the few
Moderator: Omar Christidis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Arabnet
Jagadeshwaran Kothandapani, Managing Director Cash Management, Citi Egypt
Malek Mroueh, Regional Head And Vice President Of The Asia, Middle East And Africa Region, TSYS
Abdesselam Alaoui Smaili, Managing Director, HPS Solutions, HPS
Apr 1015:00
Conference pass

Joining the e-state revolution: interoperability and digital ID

Seamless ID
  • Developing a framework for e-ID compatibility
  • Removing regional, national and international friction with seamless integration
  • Leapfrogging the full migration process with technology to connect disparate systems
  • Public-private collaboration across the entire ecosystem
  • Self-sovereign ID: decentralising ID with vendor neutral standards
  • Activating and expanding the use cases of the identity card for various state sectors
  • Collaborating for the multi-modal travelling millennial
  • Testing global eMRTD to ensure reliability and interoperability
  • Securing documents across different industries through collaboration and interoperability
Apr 1015:00
Conference pass

Driving click & collect profitability

Home Delivery
  • Giving consumers a reason to visit the store: capitalising on impulse purchases
  • Staying competitive: enabling customers to shop their preferred way
  • Increasing convenience: no delivery, no tracking, no waiting
  • Leveraging your existing store network to fulfil from stores
  • Serving an omnichannel consumer with in-store pick up, ship-to-store and same day delivery
Apr 1015:05
Conference pass

Navigating the balance between profit and retail CX

  • Reinventing to meet the demands and expectations of their customers v’s the cost at hand
  • Staying relevant by asking customers what they want
  • Building intelligent customer feedback strategies
  • Utilising tech advancements to gather reliable data and business insights
  • Making feedback an integral part of your CX plan: capitalise on comprehensive data collection
  • Understanding the bottom line: positive customer experiences drive sales
Apr 1015:15
Conference pass

Creating fully integrated and dynamic digital advertising campaigns

  • Building connected and contextual digital adverts with audience targeting
  • Integrating augmented reality to be used as suggestions and FYI-styled messages
  • Aligning brand strategy and agency solutions at every stage of the journey
  • Ensuring your multi-channel messaging strategy is up to scratch
  • Upping your cross-channel game to net more customers and more revenue
  • Is ad blocking an immovable object?
  • Messenger ads: case study
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Making money social: banking in the palm of your hands

  • Placing the purchasing power back in the hands of the consumer
  • Engaging with customers on a social platform and creating intimacy
  • Integrating payment platforms with social media
  • Overcoming the worries of data and privacy
  • Bridging the gap from banks to social media and beyond
Moderator: Eleni Kitra, Head Of Automotive And Financial Services, Facebook
Ugur Emre Devrim, Head Of Mobile Banking, Dubai Islamic Bank
Atyab Tahir, General Manager Innovation, Habib Bank Ltd
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

SME credit: where to next?

  • Is there a fintech and bank discourse in the SME place?
  • Changing the traditional thinking behind SME lending with hybrid banking models
  • Reaching the undeserved in emerging and developed markets with SME credit
  • Leveraging solutions to serve new consumer groups
  • Capturing a new market segment with SME lending and credit
Moderator: Karan Walia, Advisor, Tech London Advocates
Paul Melotto, Chief Executive Officer, AlRaedah Finance
Bruce Wade, Chief Risk Officer, National Bank of Bahrain
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

Redefining banks with APIs

Banking Innovation
  • Enhancing data driven internal and external services through open APIs
  • Taking the initiative to provide greater choice to consumers
  • Playing to your strengths in the new, unstructured, banking value chain
  • Overcoming the shifting consumer, regulatory and technology landscape
  • Accelerating consumer choice with traditional service unbundling
  • Designing services in an API ecosystem
Noman Azhar, Head Of Digital Implementation, J.S. Bank
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

Demystifying the technical standards for digital identification

Seamless ID
  • Transforming the organisation with new business goals, structure and strategies
  • Ensuring all applications unite with semantic interoperability
  • Implementing open interfaces, interconnection services, middleware etc. through innovative technology
  • Securing networks with biometrics, digital signature standards and protocols
  • Driving interoperable G2B and G2G communications
  • Looking towards LDS 2.0 for international interoperability
  • Harmonising breeder documents and exploring case studies e.g. CEN/TC 224/WG 19
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

Marrying the online and offline experience, in the store

  • Capitalising on the average shopper’s preference for social and experimental experiences
  • ROPO (research online, purchase offline): your most important multichannel digital marketing report
  • Integrating data from all sources to give your brand a head start
  • Knowing how to ‘sell a story’ instore
  • Leveraging mobile strategies instore: push notifications, loyalty offers, app integration, AR and more
  • Differentiating your service, rewarding loyal customers and building a more sustainable business
Apr 1015:20
Conference pass

The power of automation: driving innovation in retail

Home Delivery
  • Current state of retail and e-commerce: dynamic customer needs & key business challenges
  • Increasing efficiency and capacity: exploring ASRS and fulfilment systems for retail & e-commerce
  • “The Amazon effect”: future-ready warehousing and distribution solutions to drive success in the hyper-competitive environment – making the right technology decisions for your business
  • Transformation ROI vs. the cost of doing nothing: why inaction is unaffordable
Alain Kaddoum, General Manager, Swisslog
Apr 1015:30
Conference pass

PANEL: Reinvigorating ecommerce payments

  • Eliminating cash on delivery risks for a smoother process by offering viable payment options
  • Understanding and offering the payment solutions your millennial customers wish to use
  • Integrating Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay into your omnichannel payments platform
  • Rolling out one-click payments to streamline check out processes; an Amazon Pay case study
  • Minimising registration forms to improve conversation rates
  • Streamlining your loyalty process and including it in the payments process
  • Accepting cryptocurrencies – a necessity?
Apr 1015:30
Conference pass

PANEL: Merchandising 3.0: taking advantage of analytics tools

  • Measuring the profit impact of promotions
  • Aligning product availability with marketing exposure; knowing the demand with real time analytics
  • Understanding customer profitability by segment
  • Matching customers with the right products using intelligent distribution
  • Protecting margin by knowing when another action is more profitable than a price reduction
  • Receiving alerts when there is a problem or major opportunity
Hossam Khattab, Chief Marketing Officer, Nahdi
Maurizio Valentini, General Manager - Level Kids, Chalhoub Group
Mark Tesseyman, Chief Executive Officer, Liwa Trading Enterprises Llc
Apr 1015:30
Conference pass

Commerce without barriers

Home Delivery
  • Offering the same level of convenience and value customers expect with intra-country delivery
  • Taking advantage of rapidly growing internet connectivity to reach an untapped consumer base
  • Making “try & buy” and other consumer wishes a reality across borders
  • Ensuring your forward and reverse supply-chain operations make cross-border commerce a profitable move
Apr 1015:40
Conference pass

Interfaces of the future: chatbots and conversational commerce

  • Establishing greater customer intimacy with voice based assistants
  • Overcoming the hurdles with chatbot commerce
  • Onboarding customers and increasing monetisation seamlessly
  • Accelerating commerce whilst reducing payment fees
  • Partnering with leading tech companies for consumer convenience
Dan Heywood, Technical Director, Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa
Apr 1015:40
Conference pass

The fintech edge: credit and lending innovation

  • Utilising the natural attributes of a fintech to win market share; lean, agile, innovative, flexible
  • Building automatic, analytical and innovative platforms from scratch
  • Securing market opportunities with unique offers
  • Combining traditional methods of approval with cash flows, social media and non-financial data
  • Constructing a panorama of an individual’s creditworthiness
Peter Tavener, COO / CFO, Beehive UAE
Apr 1015:40
Conference pass

Open APIs: reinventing the future of fintech

Banking Innovation
  • Accelerating innovation and generating app and software ecosystems
  • Automating services to allow others to integrate
  • Successfully navigating through a rapidly emerging digital ecosystem
  • Transforming products into platforms
  • Triggers everywhere: delivering cross app interoperability to ensure seamless experiences
Apr 1015:40
Conference pass

Paper to biometrics: harnessing digital technology for global identities

Seamless ID
  • Building national e-ID, m-ID and digital identity systems in the region
  • Discussing the UN SDG 16.9 vision of 2030
  • Creating a holistic lifetime identity management system
  • Collaborating national systems on an interoperable network for seamless ID management
  • Transforming population registers with digitisation
  • Digital babies: shifting birth registration and baby related services from paper to digital
  • Distributing national ID renewals through an automated system
  • Balancing privacy regulation with the global movement of digital ID
Apr 1015:40
Conference pass

Capitalising on cross-border consumers

Home Delivery
  • Tracking fast-growing cross border shopping habits
  • Aligning mobile optimisation with an increasingly global consumer base
  • Driving security and convenience through your choice of payment options
  • Considering seller protection as well as buyer protection when trading internationally
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

Fintech to Techfin: the future P2P ecosystem

  • Launching a P2P platform within banks
  • Combining fintech strategy with innovative banking platforms
  • Discovering the new threat of Techfin within the industry
  • Empire building in the digital age
  • Becoming the new global online behemoth
  • Identifying the role of primary financial institutions in the hyper-competitive industry
Sebastien Slim, Head Of Marketing And Innovation, HPS
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

Reinventing lending at checkout for millennials

  • Changing digital commerce with checkout and POS lending
  • Partnering with merchants and card companies alike to offer transaction-based lending
  • Alleviating consumer cashflow concerns with checkout lending
  • Moving from B2C to B2B through automated risk scoring
  • Incentivising bigger purchases through generous financial offers and payment plansReserved for sponsor
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

APIs: Leveraging open APIs to create connected customer experiences

Banking Innovation
  • Using APIs and micro services to power the ‘smart branch’ and cross-channel experiences
  • Increasing speed-to-market for new services, whilst at the same time reducing the cost-to-serve
  • Building the technology to create connected customer experiences across channels
Andrew Aceto, Director of Marketing, NCR Corporation
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

Managing digital identities

Seamless ID
  • Initiating a scalable and repeatable identity strategy across the region
  • Externalising identity management across all of platforms
  • Looking to blockchain as the potential identity management system
  • Putting the customer at the centre of identity management by using behavioural analysis
  • Overcoming concerns with fraudulent biometric activity
  • Collaborating across all industries to manage and maintain the digital identification ecosystemReserved for sponsor
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

The future of merchandising: limited in-store merchandise?

  • Redefining what it means to have a physical store location
  • Offering sampling opportunities, in-store experiences and same day order pickup to create a more immersive experience
  • Forging a more emotional connection between consumer and brand
  • Using audio and visual cues to replicate the multisensory nature of physical merchandise in a show room type setting
  • Analysing the success of real world case studies
Apr 1015:50
Conference pass

Anticipating the evolution of automated warehousing

Home Delivery
  • Presenting a business case for complete DC automation
  • Developing an efficient strategic supply networking model for DC locations
  • Considering capacity planning as key
  • Investing in the right tech (ASRS, GTP tech, predictive analytics, shuttle systems etc.)
  • Decreasing reliance on manual labour, reducing picking errors and improving efficiencies
  • Calculating automation ROI: case study
Apr 1016:10
Conference pass

Cybersecurity: reinforcing customer confidence

  • Strengthening cybersecurity to boost customer loyalty and trust
  • Continuously evolving your security network to face advancing threats
  • Eradicating data breaches and security vulnerabilities with comprehensive risk management focus
  • Verifying quickly, accurately and seamlessly with everyday activities
Apr 1016:10
Conference pass

Shaping the Future of Retail – Digitalizing the Point of Sale

  • Delivering the ultimate shopping experience to consumers
  • Ensuring a frictionless checkout for enhanced CX
  • Facing the challenge of competing against online retailers
  • Offering customers digital shelf extension, sales floor payment and more
Apr 1016:30
Conference pass


Calling all fintechs from around the world…Fintechs from around the world will have three minutes each to pitch their product or solution to our expert panel made up of VCs and consultants. These innovative, early-stage, global companies will come head-to-head live and on stage at Seamless 2019.In these three-minute pitches, competitors will try to convince our industry experts that their business model, technology or platform is going to be a game changer that will revolutionise the finance industry.100 start-ups will be shortlisted and 6 will be selected to pitch our panel of expertsThe winner of the Pitch Off will receive a cheque of $5000 and all finalists have the potential to receive over $500,000 in investment courtesy of OMA Emirates.
John Chaplin, Payments Advisor, Helios Investment Partners And Chairman, Global Payments Innovation Jury
Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman, B Hive
Suren Siva, Director - Strategy And Innovation, Credit Suisse
Jarek Bialek, Entrepreneur in Residence, MITA Innovation Hub
Chris Colbert, Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Lab
Rami El Dokany, Chief Executive Officer, Pride Capital
Todd O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Startupbootcamp MENA
Apr 1016:30
Conference pass

Goodbye MO/TO, Farewell POS.. Hello e-invoicing

  • Removing the friction points commonly associated with ecommerce payments through innovation
  • Offering customers a seamless and convenient payment experience
  • Reinforcing trust through optimally secure systems
  • Understanding the need for outdated, inefficient payment processes to be revitalised for increased customer satisfaction
Apr 1016:30
Conference pass

Smarter Retail - Technology Trends in the Retail Industry

  • AI boosting surveillance by providing digital brains for digital eyes
  • Balancing data processing in the most efficient way
  • Building trust in a digital world
  • Creating awareness of emerging risks and proactively addressing them
  • Smart technology driving environmental benefits
  • Combining and integrating sensors to prompt smart actions
Ahmed Ouf, Business Development Manager, Axis Communications
Apr 1016:30
Conference pass

Driving efficiency with the ‘future’ warehouse

Home Delivery
  • Empowering shipping speed, efficiency and pricing by leveraging technology and software from the outset
  • Using software as a key driver for logistics automation
  • National expansion: understanding the infrastructure, volume and network requirements for expansion
  • How urban fulfillment centers will help enable an efficient distribution model for retailersEnquire now to sponsor
Apr 1017:00
Conference pass

KEYNOTE INTERVIEW Feature interview: taking ecommerce one step further

  • Taking perspective on the current luxury ecommerce market
  • Uncovering the Middle East’s unique market positioning and the opportunities & challenges that lie within
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning: What is their current state in e-commerce and how much of a competitive advantage do they give?
  • The key technologies expected to shape e-commerce and retail in the next few years
  • Understanding where traditional brick & mortar fits in; what is the store of the future?
  • Case study: Farfetch’s journey so far
Interviewee: Edward Sabbagh, Managing Director - Middle East, Farfetch
Apr 1017:25
Conference pass


  • Partnering with local start-ups to accelerate the region’s ecommerce transformation
  • Recognising the importance of local brands and product curation
  • Leveraging local market knowledge and presence to deliver on authenticity and dynamic pricing
  • Keeping customer centricity at the core whilst scaling
  • Alleviating logistical challenges through innovative local partnerships
  • Becoming the logical stepping stone for SME’s first move into the ecommerce marketplace
Apr 1019:00
Conference pass

Seamless Awards 2019

The annual tech awards for the finance, retail and ecommerce industries.The Seamless Awards identify and reward those companies and individuals who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed, continually set standards of excellence and who will be the future stars of the industry.The Seamless Awards is a prestigious evening event to be held in a 5* hotel in the heart of downtown Dubai and attended by banks, fintechs, retailers, retailers and governments from across the region.

Create your personal agenda –check the favourite icon

Apr 1109:00
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KEYNOTE Destination mall: preparing for the shopper of tomorrow

  • Enhancing the overall shopper experience with innovative digital transformation
  • Shoptainment: creating a destination that fuses shopping convenience with entertainment engagement
  • Meeting the expectations of the connected, tech-savvy consumer
  • Creating new referral points in leisure, hospitality and entertainment
  • Capitalising on the region’s increased tourism by providing a truly immersive experience
  • Evaluating the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the mall experience of the future
Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Chief Executive Officer, Emaar Malls PJSC
Apr 1109:00
Conference pass

KEYNOTE Inside innovation: creating a culture of innovation

  • Understanding the innovation imperative
  • Discovering why most innovation fails and avoiding the same fate
  • Shifting the organisations attitude and capacity towards innovation
  • Identifying the requisite leadership behaviours
Scarlett Sieber, Fintech Expert, International Speaker & Board Member, Independent Expert
Apr 1109:20
Conference pass

CXO PANEL: Spurring digital banking in the Gulf

  • Keeping pace with the young, dynamic, growing and digitally native population of the gulf
  • Delivering engaging digital experiences for the demanding consumer
  • Combining traditional banking, Islamic and fintech services to cater for the entire population
  • Proactively collaborating with fintechs to offer multiple services
Moderator: Scarlett Sieber, Fintech Expert, International Speaker & Board Member, Independent Expert
Serhat Yildirim, Chief Digital Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Marwan Hadi, Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management, HSBC
Andreas Skopal, Group Chief Digital Officer, Gulf International Bank
Evans Munyuki, Group Chief Digital Officer, Emirates NBD
Fahd Amjad, General Manager Head Of Retail Banking, Oman Arab Bank
Apr 1109:20
Conference pass

KEYNOTE The end of omnichannel?

  • Omnichannel, will go away in the coming years as retailers move to become hyper-focused on what customers want, need, and find useful while shopping
  • Distinguishing between the reality of how omnichannel may be delivered today vs. the seamless, unified experience that everyone wants
  • What should be on retailers’ roadmaps for the near future?
  • Accepting and embracing the need to be ‘omnichannel’ and all that this entails to deliver on omnichannel promises behind the scenes
  • Denoting the blending of channels into one experience
  • Customer experience in omnichannel will become the new unit of measure for success in modern shopping
  • Unifying the experience, not just unifying the operation
Apr 1109:50
Conference pass

KEYNOTE Fintech: just the beginning for the Middle East?

  • Building a thriving ecosystem for financial innovation
  • Creating the regional fintech hub
  • Kickstarting innovation with sandboxes, accelerators and investors
  • Enticing international talent to the Middle East with global partnerships
  • Identifying the government driven initiatives
Moderator: Mirna Sleiman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Galaxy
Kaushalya Somasundaram, Managing Director, HSBC
Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman, B Hive
Suren Siva, Director - Strategy And Innovation, Credit Suisse
Todd O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Startupbootcamp MENA
Apr 1109:50
Conference pass

KEYNOTE Fostering Innovation at Amazon

Paul Misener, Vice President of Global Innovation Policy and Communications,, Inc.
Apr 1110:00
Conference pass

KEYNOTE Wherever. Whenever. Whatever: Transforming POS

  • Revolutionising the way, we think about POS: no longer a destination
  • Providing platform-level technologies to enable innovation
  • Shaping the future of payments and helping people lead frictionless lives
  • Smart fashion: from biometric shirts to contactless payment jackets
  • Discovering the next wave of wearables with hearables and jewellery
  • Transforming cars, homes, appliances, cities, governments and retails with innovative POS technologyReserved for Platinum Sponsor
Apr 1110:20
Conference pass

KEYNOTE PANEL: Driving the ‘distance retail’ landscape

  • Understanding the growing cross-border trade and evolution of online marketplaces, domestic and abroad
  • Will domestic transactions be outpaced by cross-border transactions within the next five years?
  • Utilising existing infrastructure and driving collaborative models
  • The key driver of cross border commerce? Price- sensitive millennials
  • Are marketplaces winning the cross-border commerce industry?
  • Making use of international, customisable, hassle-free payment platforms
  • Key considerations for your cross-border business:o Localisationo Translation of copyo Regional contento Copy that buyers can relate too Shorter supply chains Enquire now to sponsor
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL: B2B: the next trillion-dollar opportunity?

  • Optimising B2B business with interactive platforms
  • Jumping onboard the revolution with faster payments, blockchain, APIs, open banking efforts and collaboration
  • Looking beyond faster payments to change and accelerate the entire B2B process
  • Addressing the major pain points within B2B payments
  • How is the corporate payments landscape changing?
Tim Harley, Head of Middle East (Banking), TransferWise
Ehab Al-Bakri, Head Of Global Transaction Banking, Riyad Bank
Ramana Kumar, Senior Vice President And Head Of Payments, First Abu Dhabi Bank
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Embracing blockchain: don’t be left behind

  • From theory to practice with blockchain banking projects
  • Identifying the initial avenues that blockchain would improve e.g. X-border
  • Developing infrastructures to support new assets and payment systems based on blockchain
  • Building relationships with regulators ready to implement blockchain
  • Overcoming the obstacles; privacy, integration, regulation, scalability
Tobi Schoder, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, InkDrop
Riccardo Lamanna, Co-Founder & CTO, Cryptowalletcheck
Rafael Schultz, CEO & Founder, blockchainpunk
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Securing the future of banking: are mobile wallets the next target for fraud?

Banking Innovation
  • Moving beyond CNP fraud with mobile wallets
  • Balancing the new necessities; user experience, convenience and security
  • Outplaying the increase in malicious apps, bot attacks, emulators and simulators and RATs
  • Harnessing location services and digital behaviour to battle in the mobile world
  • Proactively managing consumer base with strong regulatory frameworks
Moderator: John Chaplin, Payments Advisor, Helios Investment Partners And Chairman, Global Payments Innovation Jury
Moath Ismail, VP Digital Banking CISMEA, Gemalto
Mark Chirnside, VP Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Entersekt
Mohamed Ben Amor, Secretary-General, Arab I.C.T. Organization - A.I.C.T.O.
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Data breaches: transform now!

Seamless ID
  • Collaborating to become the custodianians of data
  • Securing permission to use data in digital identification
  • Empowering end users with mobile ID provisions containing their ID and data
  • Personalising identification for users on different platforms based on analytics
  • Learning from attacks: implementing proactive regulation
  • Post-quantum cryptography: preparing for future attacks
  • Intelligence led-borders: utilising data for passenger experience and security
  • Authentication always: combining man and machine
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL The changing B2B buyer

  • The stats: B2B ecommerce will reach over $6.6 trillion by 2020
  • Examining the huge potential surrounding B2B and what’s driving the excitement
  • Recognising the fundamental differences between B2C and B2B systems – one doesn’t fit all
  • Changing the mindset of traditional businesses and SMEs alike
  • Offering self-service access, better delivery/inventory insight and an all-round improved customer experience
  • Incentivising to convert legacy customers to online efficiency
  • Reassessing your B2B sales process to meet CX expectations
  • Adapting your payment options for B2B customers
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL Embracing a digital culture

  • Transforming your employees into tech-savvy, brand advocates
  • Identifying and closing the digital skill gap
  • Building a flexible workforce that benefits employers and employees
  • Matching your employee capabilities to your customer’s expectations
  • Bridging the generation gap: building a multi-generation workforce
  • Creating truly digital workplace with agile training utilising AR and VR
  • Foresting talent: capitalising on the creative approach of millennials
Apr 1111:20
Conference pass

PANEL Winning customer loyalty in an digital world

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Adopting an multi-channel, seamless loyalty approach to reward customers in real time, on any channel
  • Connecting and recognising customers at all touch points
  • Yielding stronger engagement and higher spends with personal and authentic customer experiences
  • Rewarding customers for more than spending: sharing, referring and responding
  • Capturing spend and engagement data to market future customer retention offersSpeaker TBC, Collinson Group
Priyanka Lakhani, Regional Commercial Director Middle East, Africa and India, Collinson Group
Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky's Retail LLC
Apr 1111:40
Conference pass

Strengthening authentication through behavioural analytics

Banking Innovation
  • Combining adaptive authentication with behavioural analytics
  • Ensuring all user systems locate the “usual” behaviour of individuals
  • Utilising machine learning and AI for real time analysis based on consumer data
  • Scaling down false positive declines
  • Considering device profile, location awareness and user behaviour to remove malicious threats
  • Supplementing biometrics with behaviour analytics for multifactor authentication
Apr 1111:40
Conference pass

Security: strategy to technology for ID verification

Seamless ID
  • Building secure open standards for the decentralised identity ecosystem
  • Remodelling the data and security economy with multifactor ID verification
  • Creating a unified identity platform allowing a repeatable way to protect
  • Accelerating security and staying ahead of counterfeits
  • Adopting an “assume you have been compromised mindset”
  • Sharing intelligence across borders with multiple stakeholders
  • Graphic coding: implementing machine-readable systems for coding and authentication
  • Enhancing security with cross-validation, diverse security elements, printed graphics and holograms
Bianca Lopes, Identity Strategist
Apr 1111:40
Conference pass

Shaping the shopping experience with your employee empowerment

  • Providing employees with the right set of up-to-date, automated and digital sales, service and operational tools
  • Enabling outstanding customer service with a motivated, informed, connected workforce
  • Delivering easy access to customer buying history and loyalty information
  • Preparing for temporary and seasonal workforces; Expo 2020 case study
  • Ensuring customer experience is not affected: online courses, digital training, seamless on-boarding
Apr 1111:45
Conference pass

AR and VR: conveying connected content

  • Understanding the explosion of AR and VR in ecommerce
  • Utilising AR and VR tech to streamline your omnichannel content
  • Increasing engagement with AR & VR
  • Creating high quality content that show products in real context
  • Why does it matter?
Apr 1111:50
Conference pass

PANEL: Unearthing the unparrelled explosion in cryptocurrencies

  • Looking towards cryptocurrencies as a new legal tender
  • Anticipating the coins of the future
  • Pressuring the traditional players: should banks be investing?
  • Discovering the bitcoin growth: was this hype or true value?
  • Debating the plunge of cryptocurrencies, IMF call for regulation and global government worries
Moderator: Rafael Schultz, CEO & Founder, blockchainpunk
Todd O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Startupbootcamp MENA
Bruce Jeong, Deputy CEO, Fundshing
Filipe Castro, Co-Founder And Chief Information Office, UTRUST
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

(R)evolution of payments – from paper to digital and beyond

  • Creating invisible payments
  • Collaboration of fintechs and FIs to drive digital payments
  • Reforming the clunky correspondent banking network
  • Transforming B2B payments with digital payments
Ferenc Szelenyi, Group Vice President, Managing Director MEA Region, Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology
Carsten Wengel, Group SVP, Head of Region EMEA, G+D Mobile Security
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

Biometrics: the rise of multifactor authentication

Banking Innovation
  • Making the transition: “what you know” to “what you have” to “what you are”
  • Moving away from passwords with two factor authentications
  • Educating consumers and improving CX across biometric touch points
  • Overcoming the usability limitations of facial recognition and fingerprints
  • Embedding biometrics into CNP transactions
  • Shifting to advanced biometrics with automatic recognition
Moussa Beidas, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Bridg
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

Making passwordless authentication a reality on web and mobile

Seamless ID
  • Removing the need for passwords in identity authentication through web and platform APIs
  • Capturing the mobile-first population with embedded biometrics they already use
  • Making your user credentials un-phishable; reducing fraud; reducing risk of data breach
  • Using public registry of certified authenticators to feed risk-based analytics on the backend
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

PANEL: The grocery boom

  • Cracking a notoriously tough market
  • As physical retailers set the pace, can ecommerce keep up?
  • Collaborating for growth
  • Assessing profitability outside of purely urban areas
  • Viewing the logistics conundrum as a stepping stone towards a multifunctional high-frequency platform
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

Turning your employees into advocates

  • Building your brand to become the employee of choice
  • Introducing collaboration and empowerment to drive company culture
  • Boosting employee social media activity to organically increase brand exposure
  • Increasing employee engagement through better communications
  • Cultivating employee support with up to date content and product enhancements
  • Pinpointing natural leaders and communicating the vision
Apr 1112:00
Conference pass

Social media and customer loyalty: a match made in heaven

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Rewarding customers for social interactions to drive brand loyalty
  • Quality over quantity: engaging your loyal followers for referrals and customer acquisition
  • Welcoming trust as the new digital currency: increasing consumer confidence and brand loyalty
  • Creating social communities as hubs for brand evangelists
  • Don’t fear the negative comments: act on them and convert the unsatisfied
Apr 1112:20
Conference pass

Transforming B2B with B2C insights

  • Rethinking traditional business models for an innovative platform
  • Quantifying research focusing on the client needs
  • Embracing change and allowing consumerisation to make inroads
  • Digitising platforms as business becomes fluid
  • Advancing back end and legacy systems with 100% automationReserved for Collinson
Priyanka Lakhani, Regional Commercial Director Middle East, Africa and India, Collinson Group
Apr 1112:20
Conference pass

Accelerating payments with blockchain

  • Eliminating the middlemen and intermediaries to remove complications, delay and cost
  • Conducting payments between B2B and B2C customers
  • Decentralising payments with a transparent, cheap, safe, seamless and fast process
  • Reducing fraud with effective blockchain technology
  • The perfect blockchain use cases as game changers
  • Security risks connected to blockchain technology and how to contain them
Ursula Schilling, Director Of Business Development - Payment, Infineon Technologies Ag
Apr 1112:20
Conference pass

A new way of thinking: IT security in the cloud era

Banking Innovation
  • Implementing scalable and flexible security to enable tech development
  • Securing deployments with visible infrastructure
  • Orchestrating security defence with threat intelligence
  • Protecting, analysing, hunting and responding to threats automatically
  • Building a future proof banking platform which enables cloud innovation
  • Searching for reliable CSPs to integrate legacy systems to the cloudReserved for sponsor
Apr 1112:20
Conference pass

Transforming digital ID with biometrics

Seamless ID
  • Moving to the third stage of authentication with biometric
  • Overcoming the probabilistic measurement concerns with fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Layering digital ID alongside biometric technology for a powerful combination
  • Utilising biometrics in the e-city e.g. workplace, national cards, insurance, travel
  • Using cryptographically backed integration with biometric authentication
  • Combining collaboration, identity assurance and biometrics to end paper IDs
  • Implementing biometric smart cards for a unique link between owner and ID cardReserved for sponsor
Apr 1112:30
Conference pass

Innovative inventory management

  • Maximising experience: optimising inventory and assortment by location to meet the demands of customers
  • Using digital technology to ensure stocking and planograms are accurate
  • Utilising predictive merchandising to overcome inventory challengesEnquire now to sponsor
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Shaping the future payments experience with AI

  • Predicting behaviour and intuitively managing transaction timings
  • Offering timely and relevant offers to support consumer cashflow
  • Personalising services with psychographic algorithms
  • Improving retention, revenue and profitability
  • Amplifying CX with machine drive conversational capabilities
  • Leveraging transactions for customer centricity
  • Developing a interoperable AI network of the future
Moderator: Khaled Al Ahli, Independent Consultant
Ramana Kumar, Senior Vice President And Head Of Payments, First Abu Dhabi Bank
Vijay Kumar, Business Head - Products, Financial Software & Systems (FSS)
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL Collaboration: the future of Insurtech

  • Reviewing the “new industry” as the competition collaborate e.g. B3i
  • Developing a flourishing industry with incumbent-fintech partnership
  • Rethinking product development with new business strategies
  • The bancassurance and invisible insurance revival: implementing new regulatory initiatives
  • Continuously developing healthy competition and a stronger ecosystem
  • Understanding the shift in operations with AI technology
Moderator: Mohamed Roushdy, Founder, FinTech Bazaar
Avinash Babur, Chief Executive Officer,
Hadi Radwan, Cheif Product Officer, Aqeed
Taline Vahanian, Co Founder, My Felix
Talal Bayaa, Chief Executive Officer, Bayzat
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: The huge differentiator: redefining the playing field with analytics

Banking Innovation
  • Taking the lead with advanced analytics rather than playing catch up
  • Advancing agility, competitiveness and interoperability
  • Making smart, targeted investments to stand out from the crowded marketplace
  • From customers to risk to financing to workforce management: integrating analytics across the entire infrastructure
  • Competing with the emerging digitally native competitors
  • Riding the tide with the newer nimble players.
Moderator: Mohsen Malaki, Managing Director & Partner, Synergy Consulting
Raj Nair, Assistant General Manager, Gulf Bank
Khawahja Usman, Senior Vice President – Head of Core Banking, The Bank of Khyber
Nicholas Oliver, Founder And Chief Executive Officer,
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Quantified self: creating self-sovereign identity with blockchain

Seamless ID
  • Pushing digital credentials to a personal cloud storage with identity hubs
  • Empowering individuals access to official documentation
  • Becoming your own record keeper with blockchain technology
  • Moving forward with digital ID to purchasing goods and services
  • Consumer control: allowing consumers the choice of what companies use to identify
Christian Visti Larsen, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer, NewBanking
Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Founder, Encrypted
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Show me the money

  • Attracting the right kind of investors for your business
  • Promoting your unique positioning as an advantage; no existing legacy systems etc.
  • Partnering with startups to extend a new generation of offerings
  • Tackling the top 3 most common hurdles
Mona Ataya, Chief Executive Officer,
Omar Ali Alolayan, Chief Executive Officer,
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Data driven design: using creative design to elevate customer experience

  • Blending data and innovative tech to create the ideal customer experience
  • What does the ambient aisle look like?
  • Leveraging data-driven shelf optimisation
  • Capturing data with instore technology advancements: putting sensors in the forefront of your design
  • Big data and bigger retail data: identifying and utilising the data you already have
  • Measuring emotional responses and removing negative experiences
Moderator: Michelle Evans, Head Of Digital Consumer, Euromonitor International
Shihab Zubair, Regional Sales Manager - Vertical, Epson Europe Bv Middle East Office
Apr 1114:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Expanding your customer journey strategy

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Delivering value with mapping to infuse the customer’s point of view into their activities
  • Realigning metrics, analytics, experience design, and innovation around customer journeys
  • Defining your end-goal and building your framework
  • Ranking touchpoints by importance: don’t be overwhelmed by the experiential aspect of marketing
  • Understanding the essentials:a. Removing pain pointsb. Raising the barc. Minimising customer effortd. Accelerating the processe. Driving customer retention
Shafika Houcine, Senior Director Digital Experience, OSN
Antonia Ellis, Co-Founder, Yum by Mum
Waleed Abu Eleiz, Chief Strategy Officer, Arab Fashion Council
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

Becoming AI first

  • Building AI-Native teams for the future of work, platforms, and customer experience
  • Introducing a Cognitive Maturity model to roadmap AI
  • Sharing winning strategies of a lean innovation model at Verizon
  • Navigating a new world of Distributed Experiences
  • Defining Cognitive Product and its relationship to human behaviour
  • Monetising voice interaction with automatic purchasing power
  • Implementing solutions for the “do it for me” revolution
Justin Reilly, Former Head Customer Experience Innovation, Verizon
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Transforming transactions: the end of brokers?

  • Diminishing the role for intermediaries with a digital insurance marketplace
  • Does Insurtech expand the power of brokers with new data tools?
  • Reducing friction vs keeping the personal touch of brokers
  • Harnessing innovation and technology to improve existing insurance services
  • Empowering brokers with back end technology innovation
Moderator: Danish Rizvi, Chief Operating Officer, Asa Ventures
Ambareen Musa, Chief Executive Officer, Souqalmal.Com
Nasser Zagha, Chief Technology Officer, International General Insurance Co
Suresh Santhanaramakrishnan, Founder, Sifr Fintech Limited
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

Transforming the insurance industry with IoT & analytics

  • Insurance: the data hungry business
  • Manipulating data analytics, machine learning and AI to unlock the potential of IoT connectivity
  • Data sources into insights into services
  • Reducing friction with chatbots and blockchain
  • Insuring the connected world e.g. homes, cars, wearables etc.
  • Exploring P2P insurance, the sharing economy and the opportunities for insurers, banks and start-ups
Anshul Srivastava, Chief Information And Digital Officer, Union Insurance Company
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Novelty to necessity: the future power of personalisation technology

Banking Innovation
  • Predicting choices of consumers with innovative analytics
  • Anticipating needs, personalising services and offering targeted services
  • Accelerating the accumulation of data across all touchpoints
  • Turning data into powerful customer insights What does the future hold in the emergence of the global privacy environment?
  • Automating and alleviating repetitive and mundane tasks
Moderator: Karan Walia, Advisor, Tech London Advocates
Arun Mehta, Head of Data & Analytics Engineering, RBS
Umran Rafi, Head Of Digital Data, Data Innovation, Santander UK Technology
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

Creating a new future for digital identity: blockchain to the rescue

Seamless ID
  • Protecting digital identity from DDoS and networks hacks with blockchain
  • Collecting information on the ledger and removing the need for inefficient credentials
  • Replacing paper with a single key, on an immutable ledger ready for vision 2020/2021
  • Encrypting data to authenticate in real time
  • Disrupting government services
  • Revamping issuing, usability and mobile applications
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

PANEL: What do they want?

  • Ensuring your business is different: give investors something to talk about
  • Guaranteeing you offer the potential for immediate vertical growth
  • Offering investors the option to exit regardless of success
  • People make a company. Is your team strong enough?
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

Future proofing your brick and mortar store

  • Creating a physical expression of your online personality
  • Saving space and reducing cost with augmented and virtual reality sales tools
  • Developing store apps to accompany the full purchasing cycle
  • Creating your store for the future: smarter, sustainable and secure
Bappaditya Banerjee, Head Of It Business Engagement, Landmark Group
Apr 1114:20
Conference pass

CASE STUDY: Implementing the hybrid workforce: a CX dream team

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • People and machines: combining strengths to compensate for one another’s limitations
  • Allowing agents to perform higher value, more complex tasks
  • Providing assisted service to more digitally primed self-service channel engagements
  • Maintaining a ‘human touch’ and upgrading from mass service to mass personalization
Johan Persson, Vice President Captain Experience, Careem
Apr 1114:40
Conference pass

Harnessing machine learning in payments

  • Reviewing and monitoring financial decisions
  • Reducing recurring task burdens through innovative AI
  • Overcoming inefficiencies with quick and painless P2P payment bots
  • Authenticating real time payments with AI and machine learning
  • Analysing the digital footprint of the consumer for unusual behaviour
Roland Brandli, Strategic Product Manager, Smartstream Technologies
Apr 1114:40
Conference pass

Data deluge: the banking ABCDs

Banking Innovation
  • Commoditising data and digital capabilities
  • Understanding the changing consumer expectations
  • Moving from data anarchy to data dictatorship
  • Is data really a differentiator?
Sreeram Iyer, Chief Operating Officer - Institutional Banking, ANZ Banking Group
Apr 1114:40
Conference pass

Self-managed identity: the future or a pitfall?

Seamless ID
  • Ensuring a 3rd party is at the centre of identity management
  • What is the role of governments?
  • Balancing privacy and empowerment with an independent party
  • Centralised or decentralised identity? What does the future hold?
Apr 1114:40
Conference pass

Perfecting the path to purchase

  • Decoding the path to purchase by employing touch points that matter
  • Recognising that browsing begins online
  • Converting online behaviour into in-store purchasing with simplified and effective design
  • Creating a clear path for shoppers to increase foot traffic
Khaled Adawi, Vice President, Elite Brands
Apr 1114:40
Conference pass

Re-examining and revamping CX metrics

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • How are CX metrics driving change in your organisation?
  • Connecting key drivers to performance metrics to measure customer experience
  • Going beyond NPS and satisfaction surveys
  • Building effective programmes around core customer experience efforts
  • Focusing on surveys that will provide actionable insights
  • Constantly A/B testing to measure efficiencies
  • Moving seamlessly to cloud-based analytics and bringing the IoT to life
Kareem Mazhar, Customer Experience Manager, Dubizzle
Apr 1114:45
Conference pass

PANEL: Traversing the evolving conversational commerce ecosystem

  • Building brand preference and affiliation with bots and intelligent assistants
  • Understanding EoT (Engagement of Things) and embracing the click to purchase within messaging apps
  • Seamlessly integrating conversational commerce into your customer service strategy
  • Creating a two-way conversation between brand and customers: AI, chatbots, live video, messaging apps
  • Analysing why consumers love voice assistants and how to capitalise on it
Apr 1114:50
Conference pass

AI and cybersecurity: the real deal?

  • Accelerating the search and discovery of needles in a rapidly growing haystack with AI
  • Adding to existing technologies with incremental analytic horsepower
  • Collaboration to detect, identify and plug into potential threats
  • Utilising pattern recognition as an additional cyber tool
  • Detecting cyber-attacks and fraud throughout customer portfolio in real timeReserved for sponsor
Dimitrios Nakis, Director Product Management EMEA, Verifone
Apr 1114:50
Conference pass

Empathy empowered: personalising insurance

  • Engaging consumers with personal, tailored offers and programmes
  • Personalising insurance packages and personal incentives based on behavioural economics and data
  • Combining digital technology and human empathy for exceptional customer service
  • Deploying technology to empower frontlines whilst allowing system deviation
  • Increasing loyalty and customer lifetime with holistic profilingReserved for sponsor
Apr 1114:50
Conference pass

Analytics: from data to dollars

Banking Innovation
  • Driving revenue and reducing risk through personalised offers and KYC compliance
  • Utilising data for KYC systems through prescriptive analytics, AI, machine learning, segmentation, personalisation and targeting
  • Predicting outcomes to increase profitability and relationship management
  • Planning cash and liquidity to enhance business management and customer management
  • Understanding each customer to achieve a win-win in collection processes
  • Enhancing application screening with analyticsReserved for sponsor
Apr 1114:50
Conference pass

Implementing “good identity”

Seamless ID
  • Defining identity between government-issues and user centric solutions
  • The principals behind creating identity
  • Transacting better with citizens with clear guidelines
  • Making global identity workable with effective parameters
  • Improving national services with modernisation, transformation and innovation
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Ensuring innovative payment platforms are integrated and interoperable

  • Going beyond single platform integration with interoperable networks connecting the multitude of payment platforms
  • Revolutionising payment systems to communicate effectively regardless of the platform
  • Allowing consumers to use their favoured vehicles for payment regardless of recipient technology
  • Capturing the masses with multi-platform functionality
Moderator: John Chaplin, Payments Advisor, Helios Investment Partners And Chairman, Global Payments Innovation Jury
Amol Bahuguna, Head Of Payments And Cash Management, Commercial Bank Of Dubai
Craig Buchan, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Qpal
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Becoming millennially-minded: transforming wealth management

  • What does the future hold for the investment ecosystem?
  • Exploring GAFA and the “bigtechs” encroaching on the wealthtech space
  • Role of incumbents: innovate internally, acquire or collaborate?
  • Supporting HNWI’s with digital solutions
  • Is software creating a “winner takes all” ecosystem?
  • Partner, merge, acquire or acquihire: where next for wealthtech collaboration?
Moderator: Mohsen Malaki, Managing Director & Partner, Synergy Consulting
Olga Feldmeier, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Valor
Danish Rizvi, Chief Operating Officer, Asa Ventures
Max Lyadvinsky, Chief Executive Officer, Bloomio
Mark Chahwan, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Sarwa
Mirza Ashraf Beg, Head of Treasury & Commercial Operations, Commercial Bank Of Dubai
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

PANEL: Creating a winning digital marketing strategy

Banking Innovation
  • Seamlessly combining digital and physical delivery channels
  • Looking towards optichannel marketing
  • Incorporating social networking platforms with mainstream banking
  • Contextualising campaigns with relevant, interactive content marketing
  • Understanding increasing complex consumer decision behaviour to optimise conversion rates
  • Deriving insight from multiple sources simultaneously using big data, predictive analytics and consumer insight
Michael Ilyas, Co-Founder,
Bassem Nassif, Head of Marketing, VAS Content & Partnerships, Orange Egypt
Chirodip Basu Roy, Former Head Of Marketing And Corporate Communication, Noor Bank
Neeraj Gupta, CEO Dubai,
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

PANEL Identifying the unidentified

Seamless ID
  • Proving the identity of the 1.1 billion people without a legal identification
  • Building the roadmap to lifecycle identity management
  • Empowering babies: identifying the 700 million unidentified
  • Utilising the existing technology to capture digital identities, data and valuable behaviour patterns
  • Mobile: the future of identity in emerging markets?
  • Collaborating with banks, fintechs, bigtechs etc to build a futureproof identity system
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

Reaping the benefits of the chatbot revolution

  • Creating an interpersonal exchange with individual users for shipping information, upsell, cross-sell, cart recovery
  • Shortening the distance between prospect and purchase
  • Automating excellent customer service messages with chatbots
  • Reducing friction for consumers with chatbots
  • Discovering the additional benefits of chatbots: a case studyEnquire now to sponsor
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

Case study: Setting up for growth

  • Moving from retail powerhouse to omni-channel leader
  • Emphasising experience to provide a unique shopping environment
  • Creating a shop floor with a community spirit where people meet and actively want to spend time
  • Reinventing customer engagement by leveraging digital innovation
  • Case study: Level Shoes success
Nick Vinckier, Chief Strategy Officer, Duval Union Consulting
Gregoire Charpe Civatte, Head Of Customer Experience, Marketing and Communications, Chalhoub Group
Apr 1115:00
Conference pass

Providing the next gen contact centre: instant communication for exceptional customer service

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Anticipating the digital channels take over: email, chat, social, text, messaging
  • Mobile driven interaction management: in-app messaging, chat, SMS, and social
  • Messaging as the new channel of choice
  • Game changing customer service: smartphone video camera support
  • Sending photos or videos between agents and customers, faster and more timely
  • Stop, start, and continue with the conversation at the customer's convenienceEnquire now to sponsor
Apr 1115:10
Conference pass

PANEL: The next chapter of mobile optimisation

  • Understanding the changing shopping behaviour of the mobile-first consumer
  • Smarter chatbots and mobile messengers to deliver a better quality, more personal mobile experiences
  • Integrating augmented reality into your mobile channel to drive sales
  • Apps v’s mobile sites: discovering what will increase customer retention
  • Understanding “mobile-first indexing” to successfully create a mobile marketing strategy
Apr 1115:10
Conference pass

PANEL: Martech: how to avoid being blinded by technology

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Investing in intelligent content ensuring it is targeted, optimised and activated across all devices and marketing slack
  • Using AI to process reams of unstructured data
  • Integrating chatbots into your marketing strategy to handle more complex products and transactions
  • Advancing mobile marketing analytics
  • Extending multi-touch attribution (MTA) to provide a holistic measurement framework: identity management, data integration and analytics
Ahmed Hegazy, Growth And Marketing Manager, OLX
Apr 1115:20
Conference pass

Development or disruption? Streamlining national payment processes

  • Substituting traditional payment methods with new, innovative technology
  • Launching national payment systems which are interoperable and well regulated
  • Transforming national systems for a cashless society
  • Developing payment networks for financial inclusion and economic growth
  • Collaborating with banks and fintechs to drive multi-platform interoperability
  • Transforming legacy systems with new, supplementary payment technology
Abhishant Pant, Founder, The Fintech MeetUp
Apr 1115:20
Conference pass

Generation Z: the future of banking

Banking Innovation
  • Building relationships with the unprofitable before they become profitable
  • Capitalising on the willingness to use tech as banking, P2P payments and social media
  • Utilising digital marketing to capture the new market segments and new consumers
  • Offering new, cheaper and digitally savvy products for the
  • Striking the right chord with financial education
Apr 1115:20
Conference pass

Empowering refugees & UDPs through digital identity

Seamless ID
  • Facilitation social participation
  • Avoiding gender biased issues and risks of marginalisation in undeveloped regions
  • Developing national identity systems and civil registries
  • Using digitally enabled IDs that are interoperable across difference agencies
  • Facilitating financial inclusion
  • Adopting strong legal and regulatory frameworks for data protection
  • Supporting economic growth with unique identity management
Apr 1115:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Reinventing the mall: making the mall the destination of choice

  • Crafting customer engagement spaces
  • Becoming the new ‘Main Street’: developing a sense of community
  • Creating a destination centre suited for weekend vacations and tourist traps
  • Boosting instore traffic by creating alternative enticing experiences
  • Understanding shoppers behavior to create memorable experiences
  • Balancing entertaining experience with product buying
  • Utilising unused space for pop-ups to drive new interest
  • Achieving the best tenant mix for your mall
Kumar Prasoon, Group Chief Information Office, Century Malls, Safeer Group
Apr 1115:30
Conference pass

Mobile design and UX: keeping pace within the mobile app universe

  • Why good UX design means better business: creating a seamless, customer-centric mobile experience
  • User journey simplification: the less effort, the better experience
  • Progressive disclosure: reducing cognitive load and improving comprehension of the interface
  • Removing visual clutter and improving comprehension to remove noise
  • Rolling out conversational design alongside emotional experiences
Apr 1115:30
Conference pass

Retail in the omni-channel age

  • Welcoming the world of entertainment to create unforgettable visitor experiences
  • Exploring data driven insights and growing the mall as a lifestyle destination
  • Developing lifestyle loyalty schemes that reward for more than just monetary transactions
  • Embedding technology seamlessly into customer experiences
  • Differentiating the consumer offering, with a focus on experience and convenience
  • Creating experiential reasons for customers to visit the mall and increase footfall
Apr 1115:30
Conference pass

Predictive and prescriptive analytics: the how and the why

LEAD (Loyalty, Experience, Analytics, Digital)
  • Developing an all-inclusive view of your data landscape to draw meaningful, timely conclusions
  • Using historical patterns to predict future data quality outcomes
  • Prescriptive analytics: where future outcomes meet human decision-making
  • Turning to machine learning algorithms to enhance data quality anomaly detection
  • Dynamically detecting anomalies that might otherwise have gone unnoticed
Apr 1115:40
Conference pass

Digital coin: building the interoperable chain of chains

  • Functioning cohesively to unlock the full potential of cryptocurrencies
  • Addressing blockchain interoperability before the trend of blockchain verticalisation
  • Standardising smart contracts, APIs and 3rd party tools across blockchain ledgers
  • Seamlessly sending and receiving digital coin across multiple platforms
  • Becoming fully interoperable with cross-chain atomic swaps and message relays
Alpesh Doshi, CEO, Fintricity Consulting Ltd
Apr 1115:40
Conference pass

Revamping decision making with augmented technology

  • Reconstructing digital wealth management with AI
  • Transforming customisation with machine learning and AI
  • Utilising algorithms to analyse financial data
  • Devising a hierarchy of personalised financial recommendations
  • Constructing a holistic view through empirical data formed from the professional relationship
Leitha Matz, Chief Operating Officer, Zuper GmbH
Apr 1115:40
Conference pass

Driving the next-gen mobile customer experience

Banking Innovation
  • Reaching customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before
  • Learning the behaviour and preferences of each individual user
  • Enhancing customer mobile app experience with analytics and personalisation
  • Transforming mobile platforms to drive customer engagement and loyalty
Khanh Hwang, Global Head of Mobile, HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management
Apr 1115:40
Conference pass

Making success of eIDs across the smart city

Seamless ID
  • Refinancing the digital ID to support smart city initiatives
  • Discovering the case studies e.g. Nigeria eID payment function
  • Utilising digital identity cards for additional services
  • Widening the scope of digital ID to overcome the challengeso Long registration and wait timeso High turnover of staffo Low customer satisfaction and revenueo High overheads
Hudson Hollister, Founder, Data Coalition & Data Foundation
Apr 1115:50
Conference pass


Calling all ecommerce start-ups from around the region…6 start-ups from around the region will have five minutes each to pitch their product or solution to our expert panel made up of VCs and consultants. These innovative, early-stage, global companies will come head-to-head live and on stage at Seamless 2019.In these three minute pitches, competitors will try to convince our industry experts that their business model, technology or platform is going to be a game changer that will revolutionise their industry.100 start-ups will be shortlisted and 6 will be selected to pitch our panel of experts
Apr 1115:50
Conference pass

Interoperability: supporting digital economies

  • Developing payment technology to support digital transformation
  • Becoming paperless with digital payment technology
  • Transforming the customer and merchant experience with international interoperability
  • Overcoming cultural and regional regulations with integrated and interoperable payment systems
  • Creating a level playing fieldReserved for sponsor
Apr 1115:50
Conference pass

Revolutionising investments and asset management with blockchain

  • Reconciling information on legacy systems and enabling new markets and products
  • Reducing trading times whilst increasing volume on stock exchange with blockchain technology
  • Transfiguring client onboarding with seamless data collection and verification
  • Managing portfolios in real time with open architecture and smart contracts
  • Easing compliance burdens with AML and KYCReserved for sponsor
Apr 1115:50
Conference pass

Adopting insight-driven marketing

Banking Innovation
  • Leveraging advanced analytics for insight-driven marketing
  • Cross selling, deepening relationships, improving wallet sharing, increasing products and driving revenue
  • Leveraging transactional, behaviour and demographic data
  • Increasing focus on ROI with targeted marketing and cutting of costs
  • Customising and personalising with a holistic view of the customer journey
  • Getting personal: customising to enhance the overall experience and increase ROIReserved for sponsor
Apr 1115:50
Conference pass

Identity matters: beyond passwords for employees

Seamless ID
  • Developing cross device digital ID verification
  • Removing the expensive and time-consuming nature of passwords across the company
  • Overcoming the threat of fraud with multi-factor authentication process with biometrics
  • Capturing digital behaviour for secure and seamless authentication
  • From onboarding to retirement: utilising digital ID throughout an employee’s journey
  • Establishing “identity” across the entire business
  • Accessing background checks, employee qualifications and experience through digital record keeping e.g. blockchain
  • Collaborating across the smart city to integrate information seamlessly
  • Creating a mutual convenience with a decentralised employee management systemReserved for sponsor
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