Walid Nagy | Head Of Consumer Banking
National Bank of Kuwait

Walid Nagy, Head Of Consumer Banking, National Bank of Kuwait

Walid Nagy, General Manager Retail Banking–National Bank of Kuwait - Egypt
Walid’sleadership comes with a strong academic background as well as a rich experience that goes for over 20 years in different industries and in 8 countries. 
Academically, Walid is an Electrical and Communications Engineer from Alexandria University, an MBA in Financial Engineering, Corp Finance and International Business from York University-Canada, Graduate Banking Diploma holder from Wisconsin University – USA, where he was amongst the top 5% of his class and he also started a DBA in “Risk Measurement Units”. He also used to teach the CFA curriculum at the American University in Cairo. 
He has started his career in Alexandria University teaching Physics, and then moved as a Maintenance Engineer in WEPCO, then an Instruments Engineer at Schlumberger.  Walid worked for Citibank, Allianz, AIG, NBE, ADIB and NBK at different function and positions.  Currently he is heading the Consumer Banking Business including the Branches Network, Digital Channels and the Wealth Management at National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt, also an ALCO and Executive Committee member. Walid managed Retail Banking profit center, up to 70 Branches and over 1000 employees. Walid comes with a wide and diversified Financial Services knowledge, as he was also an instructor at the American University in Cairo, where he taught (Finance, Portfolio Management, Equity Investments and Alternative Investments) in the CFA curriculum. Walid was also elected in ADIB to become the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Pension Fund, and he is a speaker in many conferences including Seamless ME.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 14:00

PANEL: Banking without branches

  • Discovering the new wave of digibanks in the region
  • Innovating internally or partnering with fintechs?
  • Where next? The future of brick and mortar branches
  • Capturing the millennials with digital banks and usable apps
  • Exploring the success stories
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