2018 Speakers




Anushree Agarwal, Senior Manager - Launch Readiness & Excellence For Emerging Markets, Takeda, Singapore

Anushree Agarwal at Phar-East 2018

Pritha Aggarwal, Scientific Officer, IAVI, India

Pritha Aggarwal at Phar-East 2018

Christopher Ahn, Researcher, Biosolution Co., Ltd., Republic Of Korea

Christopher Ahn at Phar-East 2018

Solomon Alva, Antibody Purification Group Head, Senior Scientific Manager, Biocon Limited, India

Solomon Alva at Phar-East 2018

Ines Atmosukarto, Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director, Lipotek Pty Ltd, Australia

Ines Atmosukarto at Phar-East 2018

Seong Min Baek, South East Asia Regional Manager, Macrogen, Singapore

Seong Min Baek at Phar-East 2018

Lalit Baregama, General Manager of Global Business Development, Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd., India

Lalit Baregama at Phar-East 2018

Antonio Bertoletti, Co-Founder, Lion TCR, Singapore

Antonio Bertoletti at Phar-East 2018

Himanshu Brahmbhatt, Joint CEO & Director, EnGeneIC Pty Ltd, Australia

Himanshu Brahmbhatt at Phar-East 2018

Robert Bruno, Head, Clinical Operations, Abbvie Japan, Japan

Robert Bruno at Phar-East 2018

Peter Burkhardt, Patent Examiner, European Patent Office, Germany

Peter Burkhardt at Phar-East 2018

Lynlee Burton, Director of Project Delivery - Vaccines, PRA Health Sciences, United States

Lynlee Burton at Phar-East 2018

Jerome Cabannes, Chief Operating Officer, AJ Biologics, Malaysia

Jerome Cabannes at Phar-East 2018

James Cai, VP, Global Regulatory Affairs for JAPAC, Amgen, Hong Kong

James Cai at Phar-East 2018

Matteo Carli, CTO & Co-Founder, Xbird, Bayer’s Grants4Apps, Germany

Matteo Carli at Phar-East 2018

Hardy Chan, Founder and Chairman, Allianz Pharmascience, Taiwan

Hardy Chan at Phar-East 2018

Shau-Feng Chang, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, BELX Bio-Pharmaceutical, Taiwan

Shau-Feng Chang at Phar-East 2018

Shao Siong Chua, Head of Manufacturing, Novartis Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

Shao Siong Chua at Phar-East 2018

Alexandre CIVIERE, Project Manager, CellProthera Pte Ltd, Singapore

Alexandre CIVIERE at Phar-East 2018

Nigel Clarke, Manager Patent Information, European Patent Office, Austria

Nigel Clarke at Phar-East 2018

Erick Co, Chief Scientific Officer, Formosa Pharmaceuticals, Taiwan

Erick Co at Phar-East 2018

Adam Cohen, Associate Director, Clinical Team Management, PRA Health Sciences, Singapore

Adam Cohen at Phar-East 2018

Thomas Cornell, Senior Scientist, ACM Biolabs, Singapore

Thomas Cornell at Phar-East 2018

Tagle Danilo A, Associate Director for Special Initiatives, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, United States

Tagle Danilo A at Phar-East 2018

Ariane Davison, Consultant Advisor, Hummingbird Bioscience, China

Ariane Davison at Phar-East 2018

Ayan Dey, Scientist, International Vaccine Institute, Republic Of Korea

Ayan Dey at Phar-East 2018

Manish Garg, Medical Director, MSD, Singapore

Manish Garg at Phar-East 2018

James Garner, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Kazia Therapeutics Limited, Singapore

James Garner at Phar-East 2018

Stewart Geary, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Director, Corporate Medical Affairs Headquarters, Eisai, Japan

Stewart Geary at Phar-East 2018

Bobby George, VP & Head Regulatory Affairs, Reliance Life Sciences, India

Bobby George at Phar-East 2018

Stefan Glück, Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Celgene, United States of America

Stefan Glück at Phar-East 2018

Shwen Gwee, Head of Digital Strategy, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen, United States

Shwen Gwee at Phar-East 2018

Carrie Hillyard, Chairman, FitGenes, Australia

Carrie Hillyard at Phar-East 2018

Richard Hopkins, Research Director, Tessa Therapeutics, Singapore

Richard Hopkins at Phar-East 2018

Sean Hsiao, Vice President, Top Taiwan Venture Capital, Taiwan

Sean Hsiao at Phar-East 2018

Forrest Hu, General Manager of International Business, 3SBio Inc, China

Forrest Hu at Phar-East 2018

Jerry Huang, Business Development Associate Director, Lin BioScience, Taiwan

Jerry Huang at Phar-East 2018

Sean-Lin Huang, CEO, Amwise Diagnostics, Taiwan

Sean-Lin Huang at Phar-East 2018

James Huang, Regional Medical Director Oncology Asia Pacific, Merck Pte. Ltd., Singapore

James Huang at Phar-East 2018

Abha Inamdar, Assistant Vice President, Private Equity Innovation Funds, Tata Capital Limited, India

Abha Inamdar at Phar-East 2018

Yuliana Indriati, President Director, Pt. Kalbe Genexine Biologics, Indonesia

Yuliana Indriati at Phar-East 2018

Astrid Irwanto, Co-Founder, Nalagenetics, Singapore

Astrid Irwanto at Phar-East 2018

Mrunalini Jagtap, Data Management Lead, SICS, A*STAR, Singapore

Mrunalini Jagtap at Phar-East 2018

Jacob Jensen, Senior Manager, Technology Transfer, Biogen, Denmark

Jacob Jensen at Phar-East 2018

Haseop Jeong, CSO, Proteina, Republic Of Korea

Haseop Jeong at Phar-East 2018

Santosh Jha, Director of Medical Regulatory, Takeda, India

Santosh Jha at Phar-East 2018

Kenji Kakuta, President and Chief Executive Officer, iHeart Japan Corporation, Japan

Kenji Kakuta at Phar-East 2018

Kesavan Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, Guru Ghasidas Central University, India

Kesavan Karthikeyan at Phar-East 2018

Eugene Kim, Director of Overseas Business Development, Bioinfra Life Science, Inc., Republic Of Korea

Eugene Kim at Phar-East 2018

Yun Hee Kim, Senior Researcher, JD Bioscience, Republic Of Korea

Yun Hee Kim at Phar-East 2018

Dinesh Kundu, CEO & Co-Founder, Q Biosciences, India

Dinesh Kundu at Phar-East 2018

Yichung Law, Head of Biomedical Sciences, Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore

Yichung Law at Phar-East 2018

Kate Lawrey, Associate Director, Operations Lead – Asia Next Generation Clinical Development, IQVIA, Singapore

Kate Lawrey at Phar-East 2018

Jae Sam Lee, Director, MDimune, Republic Of Korea

Jae Sam Lee at Phar-East 2018

Sora Lee, VP, Value Architect/Alliance Management, Syneos Health

Sora Lee at Phar-East 2018

Jessie Lee, Associate Director, Patient Recruitment Programs, SPN Asia-Pacific, IQVIA, Singapore

Jessie Lee at Phar-East 2018

Antonio Lee, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, MEDIPOST America, Republic Of Korea

Antonio Lee at Phar-East 2018

Victor Li, CEO, Lion TCR, Singapore

Victor Li at Phar-East 2018

Ivor Lim, Founding Director & Group Chief Medical Officer, Cellresearch Corporation, Singapore

Ivor Lim at Phar-East 2018

Tony Liu, CEO& CFO, Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc, China

Tony Liu at Phar-East 2018

Yan Fang Liu, Senior Director, Epidemiology Lead for Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore

Yan Fang Liu at Phar-East 2018

Levent Liu, Investigator, Vaccines R&D, National Health Research Institutes Taiwan, Taiwan

Levent Liu at Phar-East 2018

Robin Low, CEO, Areteon Pte Ltd., Singapore

Robin Low at Phar-East 2018

Tzu-Pin Lu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Tzu-Pin Lu at Phar-East 2018

Oscar Luo, Research Scientist, CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory, Australia

Oscar Luo at Phar-East 2018

Hui Hsing Ma, Senior Advisor, TVM Capital Healthcare Partners, Germany

Hui Hsing Ma at Phar-East 2018

B N Manohar, CEO, Stempeutics Research, India

B N Manohar at Phar-East 2018

Yu Mao, Director of International Business, Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., China

Yu Mao at Phar-East 2018

Joseph Mocanu, Principal, Life Sciences and Digital Health, Oliver Wyman, Singapore

Joseph Mocanu at Phar-East 2018

John Moore, Director of Global Clinical Business Development, Vetter Pharma International GmbH, United States

John Moore at Phar-East 2018

Tetsuya Nakatsura, Chief of Division of Cancer Immunotherapy, National Cancer Center Japan, Japan

Tetsuya Nakatsura at Phar-East 2018

Carolyn Ng, Vice President, Vertex Ventures, Singapore

Carolyn Ng at Phar-East 2018

Trần Hiển Nguyễn, Former Director, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Vietnam

Trần Hiển Nguyễn at Phar-East 2018

Seiji Okada, Professor, Center for AIDS Research & Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University, Japan

Seiji Okada at Phar-East 2018

Jisoo Pae, CEO, Genome & company, Republic Of Korea

Jisoo Pae at Phar-East 2018

Marimuthu Palaniswami, Professor, Director, University of Melbourne, Australia

Marimuthu Palaniswami at Phar-East 2018

Ying Pan, Director of Translational Science, CStone, China

Ying Pan at Phar-East 2018

Woong Yang Park, Director, Samsung Genome Institute, Republic Of Korea

Woong Yang Park at Phar-East 2018

Benjamin Petsch, Head of Vaccines, CureVac Gmbh, Germany

Benjamin Petsch at Phar-East 2018

Hung Fai Poon, President, QuaCell Biotech Ltd, China

Hung Fai Poon at Phar-East 2018

Brad Pruitt, Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer, Parallel 6, United States

Brad Pruitt at Phar-East 2018

Malini Raj, Non Executive Director, World Alliance of Pituitary Organisations (WAPO), Australia

Malini Raj at Phar-East 2018

Ahmad Redzuan Sidek, Chief Investment Officer, ABio Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Ahmad Redzuan Sidek at Phar-East 2018

Jason Rushton, Investment Partner, Xeraya Capital Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Jason Rushton at Phar-East 2018

Alfred Scheidegger, Founder and Partner, Nextech Invest, Switzerland

Alfred Scheidegger at Phar-East 2018

Sakthivel Sekar, CEO & Co founder, Sinopsee Therapeutics, Singapore

Sakthivel Sekar at Phar-East 2018

Bandana Sharan, President, Director, Research, APAC Biotech, India

Bandana Sharan at Phar-East 2018

Prathibha Shetty, Head, Regenerative Medicine Group, Reliance Life Sciences, India

Prathibha Shetty at Phar-East 2018

Norio Shibata, Professor, Nagoya Institute Of Technology, Japan

Norio Shibata at Phar-East 2018

Dwo Yuan Sia, Chief Technology Officer, BravoVax Co Ltd, China

Dwo Yuan Sia at Phar-East 2018

Sebastian Sujka, CEO & Co-Founder, Xbird, Bayer’s Grants4Apps, Germany

Sebastian Sujka at Phar-East 2018

Crystal Sun, CEO Assistant & Director, Regulatory & Government Affairs, Fosun Kite Biotechnology, China

Crystal Sun at Phar-East 2018

Kazuo Suzuki, Professor, Asia International Institute of Infectious Disease Control, Teikyo University, Japan

Kazuo Suzuki at Phar-East 2018

Bien Kiat Tan, Founder, Titan Capital, Singapore

Bien Kiat Tan at Phar-East 2018

Toshio Tanaka, Professor Pharmacogenomics Graduate School of Medicine, Mie University Hospital, Japan

Toshio Tanaka at Phar-East 2018

I-Ning Tang, Senior Reviewer & Team Leader, Center For Drug Evaluation, Taiwan

I-Ning Tang at Phar-East 2018

Vincenzo Teneggi, Senior Medical Director, D3, Singapore

Vincenzo Teneggi at Phar-East 2018

Han Chong Toh, Chief Medical Officer, Tessa Therapeutics, Singapore

Han Chong Toh at Phar-East 2018

Karen Tseng, CEO, Bio Preventive Medicine, Taiwan

Karen Tseng at Phar-East 2018

Samir Varma, Head of Manufacturing, Enzene Biosciences, India

Samir Varma at Phar-East 2018

Damien Villeneuve, VP Business Development | Licensing – M&A, Asia-Pacific and Japan K.K., Lupin, Japan

Damien Villeneuve at Phar-East 2018

Marc Voigt, Chief Executive Officer, Immutep Ltd, Australia

Marc Voigt at Phar-East 2018

Qun Wang, Director, R&D, Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd, China

Qun Wang at Phar-East 2018

Christian Wards, Director of Group Healthcare, AIA China, Hong Kong

Christian Wards at Phar-East 2018

Jack Wong, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Baxter Corp, Singapore

Jack Wong at Phar-East 2018

Dong-Hun Woo, CTO, Nexel, Republic Of Korea

Dong-Hun Woo at Phar-East 2018

Lei Xiao, Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Company, China

Lei Xiao at Phar-East 2018

Chung-Lin Yang, Team Leader, Division of Health Technology Assessment, Center For Drug Evaluation, Taiwan

Chung-Lin Yang at Phar-East 2018

Danny Yeung, Chief Executive Officer, Prenetics, Hong Kong

Danny Yeung at Phar-East 2018

Jin-San Yoo, President And Chief Executive Officer, PharmAbcine, Republic Of Korea

Jin-San Yoo at Phar-East 2018

Ko-eun Yoon, Business Development Assistant Manager, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Republic Of Korea

Ko-eun Yoon at Phar-East 2018

Joe Zhou, Chief Executive Officer, Genor BioPharma, Walvax Group, China

Joe Zhou at Phar-East 2018









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