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Workshop Session (10AM - 12PM) – Choose 1 of the following workshops


Blended Learning: What you need to know

In this two hour workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to get to grips with the basic tenants of blended learning. Key benefits will include developing a fundamental understanding of the advantages of a blended approach to students, the best platforms and other technology options to consider, an optimal strategy for selecting and sharing supplementary online resources, in-class pedagogies in support of blended learning and more.

Getting started with meaningful ed-tech tools

This two hour workshop is designed for educators who are at the beginning of their journey in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. The integration of foundational technologies (i.e. G Suite) as well as some new and emerging Web 2.0 tools, will be explored. Participants will engage with the tools through hands-on tasks, discovering how they can adapt them to suit their contexts and student needs and identify which tools are the right ones for their learning environments and classroom use. This workshop requires attendees to bring a laptop or tablet.

Tinkers and Thinkers: Igniting innovation in young students

This two-hour workshop is suitable of teachers who are interested in inspiring young students to innovate. Students from an early age can be inspired to start thinking about ways to make innovative solutions to complex problems that they identify. Using Design Thinking principals to spark students’ imaginations and drawing from a STEAM based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering (ARTS) and Math) teachers will learn how to support innovation in their classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to get hands on experience with simple STEAM Maker challenges.


Robotics in Education

In this two hour workshop attendees will learn how robotics can be implemented within a classroom environment. Focused on STEM subjects, the workshop will look at some of the core benefits of robotics in the classroom or lab including sensory learning, hands-on innovation and cross-subject learning. The workshop will also address some practical considerations including cost and technical expertise requirements.

Gamification for higher education

In this two hour workshop attendees will participate in a gamified workshop that in turn will help them develop an essential understanding of the value of practical application of gamification in a tertiary classroom setting. Over the course of the interactive workshop attendees will learn about game mechanics and core elements, as well as how educational games can motivate students to learn and perform better.

Designing learning spaces

In this two hour workshop participants will learn about opportunities for faculty, student, and administrative input for redesigning learning spaces. Participants will learn how to create, manage and evaluate physical learning spaces and its transformation. They can walk away with specific ideas to increase effectiveness, develop ways of evaluating spaces and assessing the activities that occur in those spaces, use of technology that faculty and students can use right away, develop a testable plan and envision further iterations.

Personalised Learning for Higher Education

This two hour workshop will introduce participants to personalised learning concepts and help them examine key elements. Framework for designing these elements with examples within different curriculums will also be shared. Participants will be able to redefine current personalised learning designs and articulate key messages, questions and ideas that will work in the classroom.

Creating authentic learning experiences for students and teachers

In this two hour workshop, participants will examine Authentic Learning Experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Simulations and other authentic projects in all curricular areas will be examined as classroom examples of Authentic Learning Experiences. Additionally an expert school to careers educator will explain the value of internships and explain some models of evaluating and assessing student learning outside of the classroom in internships and through volunteerism. This workshop will be a comprehensive look at the kinds of Authentic Learning Experiences available and will offer guidance on how to implement them in your school.

AR/VR in the classroom: The new normal?

In this two hour workshop, explore the great potential of deeply immersive experiences to engage students and create compelling learning opportunities. This workshop is designed for educational leaders and teachers in K-12, Higher Ed and Vocational who want to understand the VR / AR landscape, identify devices and platforms, understand content examples, costs and pedagogical underpinnings to develop a strategic plan to implement AR/ VR in their classrooms.

Network & Connectivity Management

In this two hour workshop attendees will learn how to effectively implement network and connectivity services within their respective education institutions. Targeted specifically at IT leaders, administrators and staff, this workshop will address some of the key network and connectivity challenges created by the radical shift towards IT services in education, as well as provide key insights into developing and implementing a reliable, scalable network.

Designing a STEAM Curriculum - SOLD OUT

In this two hour workshop participants will learn how to develop an appropriate integrated STEAM program. The focus is also to provide ideas in developing a holistic approach to a STEM curriculum by including arts. Fundamental concepts of building an effective program and assessing integrating technology in to a STEAM curriculum will be explored in detail as well. Being led as a hand-on workshop, participants will be given opportunities to develop and assess STEAM lesson plans and activities and how to integrate it into subjects across the school.

Learning by Making

This two-hour workshop led by our keynote speaker Graham Brown-Martin.Research shows that people learn better when they’re inspired and making something original for themselves or their community. This is learning by making and it is rooted in the learning theories of Vygotsky and Papert, social constructivism and constructionism respectively. During this highly interactive, hands-on workshop, Brown-Martin will explore with participants how, through the lens of making and project-based learning, we can de-silo traditional subject boundaries and nurture critical, creative and computational thinking skills to collaboratively solve real-world challenges.

Co-teaching – A model for student and teachers

In this two hour workshop,participants will be equipped to not only start implementing effective co-teaching in their own classrooms, but also have the skills and resources to bring this training back to their colleagues. Participants will receive conversation guides, sample rubrics, and other resources to use and share. If you are co-teaching for the first time, or have already been working together with a teaching partner and would welcome the opportunity to enhance your skills, this workshop is for you!

SMART interactive classroom technology for higher education

In this two hour workshop participants will understand the basic principle of SMART Classroom solutions which helps improving skills and learning outcomes of students. Technology plays an important role in achieving this goal and maximises engagement and student attention. Participants will also explore different technology tools that can be implemented in an interactive learning environment to make learning and teaching effective.


Workshop Session (1.30PM - 3.30PM) – Choose 1 of the following workshops


Google apps & tools for your classroom - Led by Google for Education

In this two hour workshop participants will explore examples of how to amplify student voice in their classroom/school using a range G Suite for Education Apps. Time will be dedicated to hands on experiences relevant to each participant’s individual needs. This program is run to promote and practise learner agency with guidance for basic and advanced abilities in Google Apps. Creation of useful takeaways to increase student voice and self-paced learning is the focus of this session.

Makerspaces – The why, what and how

Embrace a mindset for making and tinkering through this two hour engaging and highly interactive workshop Makerspaces workshop. Through playful experiences, educators will investigate how making and tinkering experiences support fundamental STEM thinking and learning for students. Participants will examine aspects of maker education (tinkering, making and engineering) and explore how this can be set up in a school Makerspace. They will also learn strategies that are necessary for establishing an environment that inspires children to think creatively, take risks, and solve problems.

Advanced ed-tech tools for your classroom [SOLD OUT]

In this two hourworkshop, participants will join Adam Torrens and Craig Kemp as they share their journey and success stories of integrating technology authentically and purposefully at Stamford American International School. Participants will have the opportunity to dive deeper into how online ed-tech tools can be integrated and explore practical applications of these tools for immediate use in their classrooms. By the end of the workshop participants will have a clear understanding of successful integration methods, a list of purposeful, collaborative tools, and the benefits of how these online tools can be integrated effectively into their classrooms.

The Flipped Classroom

In this two hour workshop attendees will explore how educators can implement a truly flipped classroom approach to their teaching. Through the session participants will develop an end to end approach to building a successful flipped classroom plan, from prioritising learning objectives to best-practice activities and testing to ensure understanding of pre-class learning through digital materials.

SEN technology

In this two hour workshop attendees will study some of the key special educational needs applications of technology and assess how they could be implemented within their own institutions. Ideal for special needs educators, this workshop will assess some key education technology categories relevant for SEN institutions, as well as covering key challenges around adoption and relevancy

Reimagining learning spaces through Design Thinking - SOLD OUT

In this two hour interactive workshop, participants will have an opportunity to polish their understanding of the design thinking process and learn how to prepare materials and agendas to implement it in transforming learning spaces. They will learn how to use different tools such as ethnographic interviews, empathy maps, effective brainstorming techniques, and more. Participants will also learn how to deliver a compelling, engaging, and informative design thinking sessions at their institutions by modelling and mentoring.

Enhancing higher education with AR/VR

Explore the great potential of deeply immersive experiences to engage students and create compelling learning opportunities in a university classroom via an easy-to-use and seamless AVR platform. Designed for educators across Higher Ed and Vocational, this workshop is a one-stop shop to understand the entire AVR creation and learning implementation process for the classroom.

Data Security and privacy

This two hour workshop is designed for IT leaders in educational institutions. Based on a practical approach, this workshop provides attendees with the competencies they need to devise and implement policies & practices required by data protection laws to support their organisation’s compliance cost-effectively, efficiently and productively.

Implementing a Next Gen LMS into your Higher Education Institution

In this two hour workshop learn how to breakdown the selection, adoption, evaluation and implementation process of a NextGen LMS system. Participants will explore how to assess the right LMS platform that aligns with institutional goals, technology infrastructure and requirements of the stakeholders from lecturers to students. Also, get a deep dive into transitioning and migration of an existing LMS system.


Implementing tech in your ECE institution

In this two hour workshop attendees will study some of the key early childhood education applications of developmentally appropriate technology and assess how they could be implemented within their own institutions. Ideal for early childhood educators, this workshop will assess some key education technology categories from reading and writing tools to personalised development assessment platforms, digital portfolios as well as covering the broader question of the efficacy of technology in early years learning.

Project Based learning for Higher Education

In this two hour workshop. participants will be equipped with tools and techniques they can apply to make project based learning work in their classrooms. The session will provide participants with guidance to create an immersive project context to allow the seamless application of Project-Based Learning (PBL) involving a project team encompassing schedule, cost, resource and scope constraints. They will also acquire knowledge of building blocks of project-based learning through a simplified walk-through of salient concepts including tools to set up a project-based environment and its ensuing assessment.

Successful STEAM

Bring out the natural explorer in your students. STEAM provides science, technology, engineering, art, and math instruction in a fun, relaxed environment that focuses on hands-on, problem based activities. Learn how students can gain confidence in STEAM subjects and develop real world skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, and teamwork.

Personalised learning

In this two hour workshop participants will learning the characteristics of personalized learning and how it compares and contrasts with other instructional approaches. Participants will also get to understand what personalized learning looks like in the classroom and explore ways to develop a strategy for implementing personalized learning in their schools/ classrooms.

Digital Assessments

This two hour workshop will help educators learn about digital tools, apps, and platforms that can help them to use formative assessment to provide evidence of student learning. These tools and apps for formative assessment success give will give educators options and opportunities for classroom success.
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