Shewangizaw Kifle Mulugeta | Director: Business Development
Ethiopian Railways Coproration

Shewangizaw Kifle Mulugeta, Director: Business Development, Ethiopian Railways Coproration

Shewangizaw Kifle Mulugeta

MBA-ISM (Information System Management), I hold an PGD (MSc1) in Environmental Science and Technology, M.Sc. in Petrochemicals & Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Graduate Diploma (PGD) Leadership in ICT and Knowledge Society, and B.Sc.  ACCRA-Oxfam GB, Addis Ababa.



•    I am currently serving as Chief Officer, Infrastructure Asset Management Department of the Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) vested with the responsibilities of Asset Management (Asset registry and Asset Capitalization, Asset Policy and Strategy and Technology), climate change and environment and energy issues related to railway infrastructure among others. I am also directly contributing to effective implementation of Ethiopia’s Green Resilient Economic Development Strategy and working in a project directly related to business plan development environment and climate related to Railways Infrastructure investment as well as project manager

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