Eric Peiffer | Chief Executive Officer

Eric Peiffer, Chief Executive Officer, Vecturis

Eric Peiffer is the Managing Director/CEO of Vecturis.
Over the 20 past years, Eric has participated in the negotiation and reorganization or privatization of public
railways and inland ports in Cameroon, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Mali, Tanzania,
Uganda, Congo-Brazzaville, Algeria, Mozambique, Djibouti and Ethiopia, Gabon, Nigeria, Angola, etc.
In 2006, Eric co-founded Vecturis, a private railway operator, based in Belgium, that:
Operates railway networks within the framework of concession agreements or technical assistance
Sets-up and operates railway corridors,
Operates on behalf of private clients.
His strengths have been the implementation of all aspects related to privatisation and the constitution or
restructuration of railway companies, the development of projects, the management and governance of
He is experienced in analysis of legal, economical and political situations, determination of requirements for
privatisation including selection and negotiations, regulatory and contractual aspects of privatisation, including
tax and social aspects, financing, risk assessment.
He has been General Manager (2007-2012) of Transrail, bi-national rail concession in Senegal-Mali.
Project leader of numerous due diligence teams in numerous African and South-American countries.
Co-founder, Director (1995- ) and CEO (2000-2006) of Comazar (Pty) Ltd, a South-African JV Company with
Transnet, Bolloré and Sheltam.


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