Christopher Chiboboka Musonda | Managing Director
Zambia Railways

Christopher Chiboboka Musonda, Managing Director, Zambia Railways

My experience basically covers three broad areas in my career. The first one is that I have worked in Zambia Railways at all levels. This starts from an entry point of an economist up to working in all General Manager positions. In addition I have also worked at the levels of Director. I have worked as Director Traffic and Marketing, Director Corporate Planning and Director Human Resource. In addition, I have worked in Managerial positions such as Manager Purchasing and Procurement, Manager Corporate Planning. In addition I worked in all the three positions of General Manager in the three regions. 
The other positions I have held are at International Level when I worked at SADC Maputo, Mozambique as SADC Transport Economist. I was in charge of the Transport and Logistics Sector as a Transport Economist. In this job I was in charge of the Transport Infrastructure Sector and Logistics in all SADC Countries. This job involved project evaluation and raising funds in the sector through donor funding conferences and through institutions such as European Union (EU) and USAID. 
The third area is the experience with the mining industry, the back bone sector of Zambia. I have worked for Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) for more than 10 years. During my KCM days I was in charge of Logistics and Copper sales. I was in charge of transportation of copper products from the mines to markets such as China, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. This involved road, rail or Ocean movements and all the Port Handling services. This gave me insight of dealing in Internal Trade involving big Contracts with service providers such as Ports and Ships. 
Currently I am Chief Executive Officer for Zambia Railways Limited. This job includes the captaining and providing leadership to Zambia Railways Limited. It also involves providing leadership at Southern African Railways Association (SARA) as I am the Board Chairman of SARA and I have been chairing some of the SARA Committees such as Marketing/Commercial.

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