Charles Kateeba | Ag. Managing Director
Uganda Railways

Charles Kateeba, Ag. Managing Director, Uganda Railways

Graduated from the Zaporozhye Machine Building Institute (now Zaporozhye State University of Technology), Ukraine in 1982 with a Masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Mr. Kateeba has received wide ranging railway engineering and management training and, as a Confederation of British Industries Scholar in 1987 received industrial experience at Davies and Metcalfe Plc, Stockport, UK.

He joined Uganda Railways Corporation as a Trainee Engineer in 1984 and was the first person to be posted in 1986 to the Nalukolongo Central Locomotive Workshop to spearhead the installation and commissioning of workshop machinery and plant. After rising through the ranks, he was promoted in 2006 to Chief Mechanical Engineer, a post he retains to today. From February 2013 he has been working as Acting Managing Director

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