Dear Orphan Drug Industry, 

Where to begin? Since the inception of the World Orphan Drug Congress USA, both the event and the industry itself have grown exponentially. Stimulated by legislation offering biopharma companies attractive incentives, Orphan Drug research sparked by the 1983 US Orphan Drug Act and quickly followed with acts in Singapore, Japan, Australia and the European Union, becoming a global market set to be valued at US$181.4 billion by 2020. *

Over its 7-year history, the shape of the World Orphan Drug Congress USA has changed from a small conference focused on the US market, to a 4 track event, with over 1,000 global attendees, coming together to discuss the latest trends. What, for instance, is the value of real-world evidence in Orphan Drug research? Or how commercially acceptable is an even higher priced, potentially one-time treatment gene therapy? Is the regulatory and reimbursement pathway more or less the same as other orphan drugs?

In 2017, World Orphan Drug Congress USA is bringing together the worlds of Scientific Innovation and Commercialization, with 2 tracks in the main conference. By exploring trends in Digital Health, Biosimilars, Gene Therapy, and more, we will uncover the next scientific breakthrough. Examinations of Mergers, Commercialization, Marketing and the Regional Markets will provide insight into this billion-dollar business.  

Rare Disease Advocacy World has also had a makeover in 2017. Focusing on the growing trend of advocacy groups influencing regulation, we have fantastic sessions highlighting the myriad of successes of advocacy in action influencing drug development. National Patient Organizations from the US, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, Japan, India and Europe will also be discussing the opportunities for rare disease research and development in their respective regions. 

Know a biotech developing Gene Therapies or therapies for Pulmonary, Central Nervous System or Ultra Rare Diseases? Pitch and Partner is giving the opportunity for 34 biotech companies to showcase their orphan drug development.

That’s not all! Our pre-conference workshop day offers attendees the opportunity to delve deeper into pricing & reimbursement, forecasting techniques for orphan & ultra-orphan drugs, and integration of cross-functional community voice into development & commercialization of orphan drugs. The addition of two new half-day seminars will shine a light on the forward-looking environments of Next-Gen Therapies and Personalized Medicine. 

We look forward to welcoming you to DC in April. 


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