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ArcelorMittal – a partner to the rail industry for today and tomorrow
As a leading supplier of rails worldwide for high speed, metro, heavy haul, conventional lines and other applications, such as light rail and tram, and the steel industry leader in product and process innovation, ArcelorMittal is fully geared to meet the future requirements of the rail industry. This is made possible by leveraging the company’s research and development capabilities. 

With its focus on R&D and innovative products, ArcelorMittal, along with leading administrations, operators and key railway players, is at the forefront of the fast-changing rail industry.

New Rail Tool App, available now for download at your app store, it allows rail key players to:
- get interactive information regarding standards and profiles for different rail product typology.
- calculate rail length or tonnage for different types of railway projects (rail calculator available online and offline).
- download the dimensional profile drawing for transport, crane, light and tram applications.

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