Ander Azkarate | Strategic Innovation Manager
Danobat | Spain

Ander Azkarate, Strategic Innovation Manager, Danobat

He has 15 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer in the area of Manufacturing Technologies. He is responsible of the innovation area at Danobatgroup. Fields of activity: innovation management, machine tool, strategic planning, technology roadmaps, product-market planning. He has been directly involved in a wide range of national and international projects as participant and coordinator. He developed his PhD in an Assessment Method and Design Support System (DSS) for Designing Sustainable Machine Tools.


Rail live Day 2 @ 11:15

How is Danobat’s advanced technology leveraging highly accurate wheel measurements and wheel reprofiling systems for maximum operating efficiency

  • How non-stop data is helping operators to make smart maintenance a reality
  • Technological innovation to simplify data maintenance
  • How to reduce inspections and maximise interventions

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