Indra is one of the world's top consulting and technology companies and a technology partner for the key operations of its customers' businesses worldwide. It is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary solutions in niche areas in Transport and Defense Markets and the absolute leader in IT in Spain and Latin America. Indra employed 40,000 professionals, and had a local presence in 46 countries plus sales operations in more than 140 countries.Through its Minsait unit, it addresses the challenges of digital transformation.

Worthy of special mention within Indra’s Traffic and Transport activities are those areas concerning road traffic control systems, as well as land and rail transportation systems. In the latter area, Indra carries out activities in management systems and security for railway operations.

Indra is one of the world leaders in ticketing. It offers its own solutions and has worked in projects for the underground in Madrid, Barcelona, Medellin, Santiago de Chile, Cairo, Calcutta and Mumbai, the light rail in St Louis, the railroad in Buenos Aires and the suburban railroad in Mexico City, among others. The company is currently working on the world's largest ticketing contract to date and is implementing all of the ticketing and access control systems for the new public transportation system being developed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.