GAIKER-IK4 Centro Tecnológico

Innovation Zone Exhibitor

GAIKER-IK4 is a Technological Centre devoted to the technological innovation from its setting-up in 1985, and  develops and transfers technology to the industry. The Centre has carried out almost 1.900 R&D projects, Internationa, National or contracted by companies from a wide range of sectors (Automotive, Railway, aeronautics, Chemical Industry,  Construction, Capital goods, Domestic goods, Pharmaceutical Industry, Health, Engineering, Public Administrations, Packaging,  amongst others). GAIKER carry out its activity in 3 EXPERTISE AREAS:  PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES,  ENVIRONMENT AND RECYCLING, BIOTECHNOLOGY.
In the PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES Area,  Gaiker covers the complete value chain for the development of plastic and/or composite parts, including the Design and calculation phase, development or selection of material, processing, prototyping, testing and characterization and recycling. We improve the functional and structural properties of materials, through the selection, formulation and modification of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials and their composites, both at laboratory and pilot plant scale. We also work on the technical and cost efficiency of their transformation processes. Also we work in  the development and characterisation of functional paints and coatings. In the ENVIRONMENT AND RECYCLING Area, we work on the mechanical and chemical recycling of materials from industrial scrap and post-consumption wastes. Regarding environmental management, we analyses the sustainability of processes and products (ecodesign) by applying methodologies such as environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and Social (SLCA) Life Cycle Analysis.