BIGM - Big Monitor Engineers

Innovation Zone Exhibitor

BIGM is a consulting company that integrates fields of engineering and architecture. We have developed and expanded the BIM (Building Information Modelling) concept to Building Information Geospatial Modelling or, in other words, we transform geospatial information acquired by satellites, aircraft, drones, lidar, cameras or surveying equipment into intelligent databases, capable of exploiting and analyzing information and improving data processing efficiency for engineering project execution.

We work with real time sensors to provide solutions using techniques ranging from the geotechnical monitoring of bridge, tunnel and dam infrastructure through to the fields of agronomy, property survey, civil engineering and architecture.

Our scope ranges from writing specifications for monitoring plans and official cartographic production, through data visualization or web applications using spatial information, infrastructure inspection using drones, auditing of geospatial data models or providing any training required by our customers to take full advantage of geo-information.