Mr Christophe Bureau | Vice-President, Strategic Innovation
Stevanato Group

Mr Christophe Bureau, Vice-President, Strategic Innovation, Stevanato Group

For the past 15 years, Dr Bureau has walked the entire path of creating, driving and launching sources of growth via new business opportunities: through business model game change and/or technology breakthrough, he has "turned ideas into invoices", which is a fair definition of innovation after all! 
Specialized in healthcare, he has invented technologies now implanted in humans, driving these technologies from research to product development, to regulatory approval to market launch within two startups for which he gathered several rounds of institutional and private equity funding, and provided financial return to shareholders through trade sale. 
 Fan of consumer centricity and design thinking and their link to willingness to pay, Dr Bureau is also an expert in Blue Ocean Strategy. 
Former Director of Strategic Innovation at Becton-Dickinson, he is now Vice-President of Strategic Innovation at Stevanato Group – the worldwide leader in insulin cartridges. 
 He received the First National Prize for Innovative Companies by French Minister of Research in 2001, and the “Trophée du Management de l’Innovation” awarded by the French economic journal “L’Expansion” in 2011. Dr Bureau holds a Ph.D in quantum physics and a Master of Science in Physical Chemistry from Ecole Normale Superieure (France) and the University of Paris.

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