The great array of marketing channels and emerging technologies available today means there are more opportunities than ever before to communicate your brand message and create customer engagement opportunities. It is important to understand the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, to have confidence in your marketing and engagement choices and avoid trial and error. Do current approaches work well enough to serve the needs of the industry and the patient, and how do you measure these successes when under ever increasing scrutiny? It is time to analyse what we are doing currently, and how to develop truly integrated multichannel marketing strategies that create engaging and valuable patient experiences.

The 8th annual DigiPharm Europe provides the perfect platform to do this. This year’s event is refocussing on the vast opportunities that digital and mobile technologies offer in patient engagement and multichannel marketing. It is about presenting the right message as part of a well-considered, multichannel marketing effort, and creating a valuable experience for the customer. DigiPharm provides all you need across a busy 2-day event to learn, be inspired and network with industry disruptors and pioneers.

Join us to learn how to future proof your multichannel marketing strategy and utilise digital technologies to their full potential.

Here's your top 10 reasons to attend the event in 2016:

  1. Understand what makes an exceptional multichannel marketing campaign
  2. Discover the latest digital technologies and supporting processes
  3. Refocus efforts on achieving true patient engagement
  4. Be inspired by some of the brightest marketing minds both in and out of the industry
  5. Debate the potential of wearables and learn where viable opportunities are for them to add value and ROI
  6. Strengthen the relationship between the salesforce and marketing efforts to improve outcomes
  7. Know your competition: with only the latest and most exciting case studies shared
  8. Network with likeminded peers, pioneers and innovators and return to your company with new ideas and relationships
  9. Leave with new goals to take back to your organisation and the concrete implementation steps to achieve them
  10. Design a premium multichannel engagement strategy making use of social media, mobile, digital, salesforce and CRM



Download the agenda for a full overview about:

  • Event speakers
  • Event programme
  • Event format
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Our community
  • Prices and discounts
  • And much more!

DigiPharm 2015 brochure


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