Digipharm 2016

Europe's leading multichannel engagement summit
for Pharma.


We have worked with the pharmaceutical digital and marketing community for the past 6 years as part of our pharmaceutical engagement events. There has been a real progression in the field over the years, from the early adaptors who trialled new ways of reaching the patient, to the industry wide uptake of digital tools to complement or strengthen more traditional marketing approaches and the salesforce. This conference has been at the leading edge of these changes from year 1. The annual conference is the perfect platform for this close knit community to learn, share, discover and debate year on year.

This year's event is refocussing on the vast opportunities that digital and mobile technologies offer in patient engagement and marketing strategies. It is about presenting the right message as part of a well considered, multichannel marketing effort, and how to utilise the different channels to create a valuable experience for the customer.

DigiPharm provides a forum for genuine disruptors (both individuals and organisations) to come and share their experiences of tackling industry stumbling blocks head on. This is more than just another conference. It is fresh, innovative and genuinely engaging for the audience. This coming year’s event will build on previous successes, covering the newest marketing processes, most innovative technologies and first glimpses of the most exciting digital and multichannel marketing case studies. 2016 promises to be the biggest ever, with over 250 attendees. Join us to learn how to future proof your multichannel marketing strategy and utilise digital technologies to their full potential.


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"Open exchange of information, experience and guidance for key issues faced today"
Drug safety specialist / Pharmacovigilance/ REMS, Teva Pharmaceuticals