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The 8th Annual DigiPharm Europe will explore mobile patient engagement strategy, innovation in digital pharma marketing and how to use digital tools to improve the patient experience. This is an excellent opportunity to engage and sit alongside the pioneers who are driving digital health technologies and learn about the challenges and opportunities in digital marketing and communications.

DigiPharm 2016 provides all you need to know about using digital tools in multichannel marketing campaigns. Join us to learn how to manage the digital evolution, discuss what it means for you and how to use mobile marketing effectively.





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"Intelligent debate, strong speakers, good agenda" Havas Lynx




2015 Keynote Speakers


  • Tommy Kok Annfeldt at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Tommy Kok Annfeldt
    Northern European Cluster (NEC) Brand Manager Cialis
    Eli Lilly
  • Bertie Bosredon at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Bertie Bosredon
    Digital Consultant
    Bertie Digital Services
  • Ms Stephanie Bova at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Ms Stephanie Bova
    Senior Director, Takeda Digital Accelerator (TAD), Digital Commercial Lead
  • Glenn Butcher at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Glenn Butcher
    Director, Global Digital Customer Engagement
  • Becky Reeve at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Becky Reeve
    Head of Professional Relations
  • Calum Shaw at DigiPharm Europe 2015
    Calum Shaw
    Project Manager - Digital Marketing Solutions





"Very well run event, compelling speakers, good sessions"

I.M.S. Health



  DigiPharm 2016: Event format


The 7th annual DigiPharm Europe is refocusing on the vast opportunities that digital and mobile technologies offer in patient engagement and multichannel marketing. It is about presenting the right message as part of a well-considered, multichannel marketing effort, and creating a valuable experience for the customer.

DigiPharm provides all you need across a busy 2-day event to learn, be inspired and network with industry disruptors and pioneers.

Join us to learn how to future proof your multichannel marketing strategy and utilise digital technologies to their full potential.





  Speed networking

Speed Networking

  Multiple tracks

Multiple Tracks