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Mr Peter Herrmann | Corporate Compliance Officer
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd | Switzerland

Mr Peter Herrmann, Corporate Compliance Officer, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Peter Herrmann obtained is diploma in pharmacy from the University Basel in 1984. Following a thesis in immunology which he performed at Sandoz Ltd., he undertook a pos-doctoral fellowship in the biotechnology department of Sandoz  Ltd. His first contact with regulatory affairs dates from 1988 when he was working for RCC, department registration. In 1991 he returned as Laboratory Head to the preclinical immunology department of Sandoz. Since 1993 he had various positions in regulatory affairs at Johnson & Johnson and F. Hoffmann-La Roche. In 1998 he was transferred within Roche to become the corporate spokesperson. He joined Actelion as Head of Regulatory Affairs in 1999. In 2004 he was transferred to Tokyo, Japan to support the local affiliate in to register Actelion’s lead product Tracleer in Japan. After returning he took over the newly created department of Corporate Affairs and Compliance and is presently the Group Compliance Officer of Actelion.

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