Vishaal Melwani | Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director
Combatant Gentlemen

Vishaal Melwani, Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Combatant Gentlemen

Vishaal Melwani is the CEO, Creative Director and Co-Founder behind Combatant Gentlemen, or Combat Gent, the world's first "sheep-to-closet" e-commerce-driven company. Founded in 2012, Melwani defined Combat Gent's very own unique vertically integrated supply chain and leveraged a direct-to-consumer model to offer premium menswear at affordable, approachable prices.

As a third-generation tailor who spent his childhood summers working in his parents' Gianni Versace boutiques, Melwani has dedicated his life to garment production and honing his craft as a designer. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in International Business, he was on the founding team for a top-five global retailer where he doubled as their VP of Exports. There, Melwani learned the intricacies of textile production and precision manufacturing before founding Melwanis MFG, an international trading firm that handled manufacturing and supply chain management for today's leading streetwear brands. When Melwanis MFG was successfully acquired by a trading firm in 2009, Vishaal turned his attention toward creating what is now Combatant Gentlemen.

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