Conference Day 1

Tim Brown

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Tim Brown, Managing Director, Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
Elliott Crain

Direct fulfillment centers - supporting online business, information technology transformation and interconnected retail strategy

  • Using economical ground delivery services to ship regionally stocked parcel items in two business days or less
  • Enhancing IT capabilities in conjunction with supply chain and merchandising transformations
  • Investing in an interconnected retail strategy to engage with customers however they choose
Elliott Crain, Senior Manager-Direct Fulfillment Solutions, The Home Depot
Tim Hourigan, President- Southern Division, The Home Depot
Chris Jones

Welcome to the age of the customer-facing supply chain

  • Learn how consumer-facing supply chains are providing competitive advantage to leading companies across the globe
  • Overcoming challenges related to exposing supply chain processes and information directly customers
  • Learn more about the key technology changes required to make supply chains customer-facing
Chris Jones, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Services, Descartes Systems Group

Opening of the Exhibition area, Networking Break & Speed Networking

International Home Delivery

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Gordon Nugent, Head of Online / Multi Channel, Harvey Norman




International Home Delivery

What to know before you go - International expansion strategies for omnichannel retailers

  • Tech Armor’s success story – a case of customer devotion, highly demanded products and lifetime replacement warranty
  • International 101 – Where to start
  • Assessing duties & taxes at checkout or at the point of delivery (DDU vs. DDP)
  • Managing data and keeping product in stock – investing heavily in international air freight and non-ecommerce resellers
  • International returns & VAT refunds
Joseph Jaconi, Co Founder - General Manager, Tech Armor
Domestic Home Delivery

Managing multichannel returns – turning a logistical challenge into an opportunity

  • How can robust strategies for returns management be used as a vehicle to enhance customer communications and connections?
  • Can effective back office management reduce the impact on the bottom line?
  • How can innovative approaches increase customer satisfaction and how can this be quantified?
Moderator: Patrick Allard, SVP of Sales and Business Development, Newgistics Inc
Jason Seemann, Senior Manager, Omnichannel & Order Management, Abercrombie & Fitch
Chris Shaver, Director, Flexible Fulfillment, Chico's FAS, Inc.
Rich Byrnes, AVP, Outbound Transportation and Logistics, Ascena Retail Group Inc
International Home Delivery

Grow as you go – expanding from US to Japan

  • Understanding the market for content consideration
  • Using freight forwarders vs. developing infrastructure in-country
  • Navigating the complex tax codes and regulatory terrain
Ryan Miller, Vice President of Global eCommerce Strategy, Rakuten
Domestic Home Delivery

Challenges of a returns-based business model

  • Relying on a single national carrier vs. developing a regional carrier network to address customer demand
  • Same day processing for immediate re-stock/re-sale
  • Real time credit refund processing
Moderator: Tim Brown, Managing Director, Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
Charles Ickes, Vice President of Operations, Rent the Runway
Robert Escobar, SVP, eCommerce Operations, Rocksbox




International Home Delivery

Improving the international B2C purchase experience through visibility to all costs and information

  • Information you need to know before shipping to a country
  • Creating transparency for customs, duties and taxes
  • Reducing returns through clear communication and delivery
  • Minimizing surplus charges: How to control additional charges for the consumer
  • Technology to assist in order processing
  • How to reduce shopping cart abandonment
Greg Dahlstrom, Director of Global Transportation,
Domestic Home Delivery

Utilizing your transportation/ technology partners to transform your delivery model

  • Driving the in-home customer experience to extend the brand
  • Providing your consumer with real time visibility for upcoming delivery
  • Delivering the ultimate in-home experience with consistent, nationwide, white glove offerings
Robert Foster, Senior Director of Business Development, MXD Group
Bob Bauer, VP of Sales & Marketing, DispatchTrack
International Home Delivery

Expanding beyond logistics – how to streamline customer strategies efficiency when establishing your brand in Mexico

  • Getting the basics right - partnering with translations companies, legal, tax, and operations enablers
  • Mexico’s Cyber Monday ‘Buen fin’ – catering to peek shopping seasons to accelerate your brand penetration
  • No free returns, no problem – compensating deficiencies with strong engagement that increase conversion
  • Replicating consumer strategies across Latin America
Jose Nino, Vice President of E-Commerce, Marketing, Perry Ellis International Inc
Domestic Home Delivery

Living in an age of delivery vs the age of pick up

  • Supply chain paradigm shift
  • Economics of shipping and delivery cost
  • Consumer eCommerce delivery expectations
  • On-demand sharing economy
  • Routing and optimization algorithm evolution
  • Omni channel logistics
Travis Schmidt, Vice President of Business Development, Cheetah Software Systems

Networking Lunch



round tables

Are You Enabling Your Crowd? - A discussion on how enterprises can adapt and benefit from the Enterprise Crowd Mobile Delivery Model

Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Guru Rao, CEO, Nuvizz Inc

Digital customs role in eCommerce: The adoption of international standards through the WCO, WTO TFA and TTIP to support eCommerce in the shipping and logistics environment

Syed Moinuddin, Team leader, Trade & Customs Co-Operation, EU & International Customs, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) UK

Increasing delivery flexibility by adjusting inventory levels based on historical customer demand

Larry Furiani, VP- Dealer Relations, Director- Business Development & Private Reserve, Director- eCommerce, Coaster Company of America

International Growth 2.0: What's working? Next steps- from localized customer experience to low cost delivery

Lee Halladay, Vice President, eCommerce Business Development, Global Access

Navigating the customs process for eCommerce into China

Terence Tsang, Senior VP - Business Development, U-Freight America, Inc.

Reducing per package costs through air freight and consolidation and direct insertion into postal streams

Brian Bourke, Vice President, Marketing, SEKO Logistics
round tables

Strategies for navigating the challenges of on-going carrier rate increases

Aaron Guild, Strategic Solutions Manager, Green Mountain Technology
Rick Miller, Strategic Solutions Manager, Green Mountain Technology

The psychological shift to on-demand and why same-day delivery is no longer an option, but a must

Lior Sion, CTO and Co-Founder, Bringg

The WOW factor: managing customer expectations from cart to casa

Tom Cagney, President/CEO, Cagney Global Logistics

USPS MetroPost - Same day delivery every day, innovations from the USPS

Dennis Nicoski, Director, Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service

Networking Afternoon Break





International Home Delivery

Unlocking China - localize to globalize

  • Understanding the customer and culture along with country specific holidays (Singles Day)
  • Payment processing
  • Shipping direct-to-consumer vs. a partnership with a marketplace
  • Scaling to address the demand from a growing middle class market
Scott Viohl, Director of International, HBC Digital
Domestic Home Delivery

Facilitating end-to-end visibility across your online and offline networks

  • Selectively using third party fulfilment
  • Integrating returns centers into your supply chain
  • Supplementing your DC networks with brick and mortar stores
  • How important are POS/ERP systems or "webstores" to provide location-based inventory visibility
  • Transforming from a “push” to a “pull” inventory model
Interviewee: Pracash Thiyagarajaa, Head of Supply Chain Strategy & Vice President of Mass Channel Operations and Global Sourcing, Carters Inc
Interviewer: Laura Stevens, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
International Home Delivery

Entering Latin American markets

  • A country by country perspective and key markets to focus on
  • The challenges and opportunities of trading in Latin America
  • A strategic roadmap –  a phased approach to entering Latin America
Paul Tessy, CEO- Latin America & Canada, DHL eCommerce
Domestic Home Delivery

The fulfillment of gifting – delivering an emotional experience every day, everywhere

  • Managing a multi-store fulfillment network
  • Best practices in the cold chain
  • How to manage and maintain perishable inventory during peak ordering/delivery times
  • Leveraging an existing carrier relationship to transform global logistics operations
  • Building a same-day delivery network through a ship-from-store model
Don La France, Vice President of Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions, 1-800 Inc


Abir Thakurta

Creating an effective supply chain strategy to support specialized white glove delivery

  • Integrating the supply chain to maximize margins
  • Role of Brick and Mortar in this competitive 'omni' world
  • Managing the consumer expectation for acceptable delivery service
Abir Thakurta, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Havertys Furniture Companies Inc
Brian Elliott

The next wave – bringing the store to give-it-to-me-now consumers’

  • Enhancing real-time inventory management: Transparency into where every SKU is located
  • Optimizing fulfillment systems: Balancing factors like proximity to the customer, current/predicted inventory levels, and staff capacity
  • Developing robust logistics partnerships for picking up parcels later in the evening
  • Helping large to small businesses reach new customers
Brian Elliott, General Manager, Google Express
Michael Pezzicola, Head of Business-Overnight Delivery, Google Express
Tim Brown

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Tim Brown, Managing Director, Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute

Networking Drinks Reception

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Conference Day 2


Breakfast and Registration

Tim Brown

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Tim Brown, Managing Director, Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
Chieh Huang

Delivering the warehouse club to your door - technological and operations processes that helps to transform the industry

  • What products to sell: Challenges in ensuring the “snacks and stuff” orders get to customers in excellent condition
  • Using technology to yield an efficient pick / pack / ship process
  • Utilizing a varied group of carriers to provide the highest levels of service
Chieh Huang, CEO, Boxed
Imran Rahman

Winning the free shipping war – price vs speed vs flexibility

  • Is it economically feasible to achieve the same day, next day delivery model
  • Giving consumers a range of delivery times (often at different price points) that provides flexibility
  • How having control over your supply chain makes it cost effective?
  • Can brick & mortar plays an advantage on shipping cost?
Imran Rahman, COO, Combatant Gentleman
Mohit Melwani, Co-Founder and CPO, Combatant Gentlemen

Networking Break

International Home Delivery

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Gordon Nugent, Head of Online / Multi Channel, Harvey Norman




International Home Delivery

Expansion into Canada – how to make the most of this market

  • How do you overcome the high cost of cross-border parcel shipping?
  • Is it better to stock locally in Canada, or ship directly from the US?
  • How do Canadian consumers view postal delivery vs. common carrier, and how is that different from US consumers?
  • Alternate delivery locations in Canada: Using lockers and post offices to your advantage
  • How do you scale delivery cost to accommodate the extreme geo-diversity of Canada?
Christopher Thompson, Director of Transportation, Newegg
Kunal Thakkar, SVP of Operations, Inc
Domestic Home Delivery

The changing landscape of parcel delivery

  • Developing an understanding of your customer’s requirements for delivery experience
  • Amazon’s unique positioning to drive speed and economy
  • Emerging trends in parcel delivery to embrace your customer’s needs
Douglas King, Director- Transportation & Drop Ship, QVC
International Home Delivery

Retailing in EU – Best practices and pitfalls of eCommerce growth in Europe

  • Market data/statistics: Market size, CAGR, top countries etc.
  • Recognizing demand from Europe
  • Key components of Localization Value Chain
  • From Cross-border to regional or country specific fulfillment
  • Pitfalls: EU’s strict privacy and pricing policies
  • Europe growth strategy combining marketplaces
Alex Golshan, Former VP Omni-Channel and Global eCommerce, BCBG Max Azria Group Inc
Domestic Home Delivery

Developing a winning shipping and logistics approach for instant gratification

  • Distribution networks: Utilizing multiple DCs to get customers their orders fast
  • How do you contain shipping costs with the expansion of DIM to big box items to smaller parcels
  • Optimization on the inbound side
  • Achieving inventory visibility to enable your placement advantage
  • Improving the customers’ experience while maintaining profitability
Vince Atkin, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics,


round tables

Growing your global foot print and bridging new international markets with Canada

Georges Lemieux, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada
Lisa Stockley, Consul and Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada
Amy Bales, Director of Trade Compliance, UCI-FRAM AutoBrands

Importance of educating customers: Managing cost expectations with customs and duties for international shipping

Greg Shugar, Co-Founder of Thread Experiment and Founder, The Tie Bar

Is on-demand delivery overrated? How building hyperlocal mini depot helps minimize the cost?

Nicholas Sanderson, CEO, Luxer

Leveraging the global postal network for cost efficient international shipping

Dennis Nicoski, Director, Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service
round tables

Multi-carrier strategies – how can they help you?

Aaron Guild, Strategic Solutions Manager, Green Mountain Technology
Rick Miller, Strategic Solutions Manager, Green Mountain Technology
round tables

Optimizing shipping from a customer’s perspective and an operators point of view

Hadi Irvani, Founder, PeachDish
Mike Bothof, Corporate Sales, Transportation Impact LLC

Outside tips for setting up a successful while glove delivery operation

Tom McIntyre, Senior Director, B2B Consumer Sales, SEKO Logistics

Revising reverse logistics: Creating a returns policy that mitigates transportation & processing costs by changing the product lifecycle

Michael Villa, Global Distribution and Facilities Manager, Nixon

Networking Lunch





International Home Delivery

Breaking down barriers - opening the door to Cuba

  • Constantly changing political relationship is leading to increased opportunities
  • Understanding the restrictions in this changing environment is essential
  • The need to start a market entry strategy now to get ahead of the game
  • What will the Cuban consumer want now, in a year, five years; and the impact on the economic climate
Ronald A. Oleynik, Partner, Holland & Knight
Domestic Home Delivery

The revolution of refrigerated services in the cold chain : How eCommerce and brick & mortar are changing the face of domestic delivery

  • Perception of home delivery- a differentiator or a cost center
  • How do trends like same day, next day or omni channel are impacting 3PL and transportation suppliers
  • Cost reduction through justifying dimensional weight charges, accessorials and base package rates
  • How to consolidate freight, manage backhauls, gain transparencies in your vendor base
  • Giving customers the control to choose their delivery date while making it financially viable
Matt Troy, VP, Catalog & Ecommerce, Honey Baked Ham Company
International Home Delivery

Whining for wine? Multinational on-demand wine delivery

  • How the compliance differs from UK to AUS to USA?
  • Understanding state regulations and tax rates for direct wine shipments
  • In-house or third-party fulfillment?
  • Using several warehouse locations to minimize shipping charges - could click and collect be an option?
Zack Crafton, Global Operations Director, Naked Wines
Domestic Home Delivery

How GPA has managed to keep customers happy with the progression of Click & Collect strategy

  • From 0 to 1,000 stores in one year: the challenges of implementing a Click & Collect operation
  • Exploring different models: Buy online pick up in store / Buy online ship to store
  • Differences and similarities between formats (Hypermarket, Proximity Store, Eletronics Store, Gas Stations)
  • Increasing conversion rates inside the store
  • Expanding the strategic pick-up points through partnerships
Eduardo Adriao, Multichannel Director, GPA


Allan Martinson

Disrupting the 'last mile' of home delivery - will robots be a reality?

  • Delivering what the customer really wants - flexibility, tracking, no cost
  • Reducing the costs of last mile using of robots
  • Next steps: customer education, public affairs, commercialization
Allan Martinson, Chief Operating Officer, Starship Technologies
Omar Devlin

Reinventing the online retail experience: On-demand delivery with white glove service

  • Bringing a personalized touch to the online shopping experience
  • Mitigating the pain point of the integration
  • Building a satisfied customers network with added benefits – and do so without increasing your costs
Omar Devlin, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics, ENJOY Inc.
Tim Brown

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Tim Brown, Managing Director, Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
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