Dennis Nicoski | Director, Strategy and Contracts
United States Postal Service

Dennis Nicoski, Director, Strategy and Contracts, United States Postal Service

As head of National Field Strategy and Contracts for the United States Postal Service, Mr. Nicoski oversees the development of customized mailing and shipping solutions for the country’s largest mailers and shippers.  Prior to his current position, Mr. Nicoski served as Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest, Area Sales Manager in the Great Lakes, as well as Manager of Account Management and Acquisition responsible for Great Lakes Area National Accounts.  Previously he served as Marketing Manager for the Greater Michigan District in Grand Rapids and the Dakotas District in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  His previous career experience includes a variety of management and staff positions in marketing, sales, customer service, retail, and operations support in Minneapolis, Duluth MN, Chicago IL, St. Louis MO, and Washington DC. He began his postal career in Minneapolis in 1984.  Mr. Nicoski holds a bachelors degree in English from the University of Michigan. 

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