Arik Levy | CEO
Luxer One

Arik Levy, CEO, Luxer One

Arik Levy is the Founder of Laundry Locker®, Drop Locker® and his latest venture Luxer.  Upon entering the technology industry almost a decade ago, Levy has revolutionized the use of 24-hour, self-service lockers with a successful business-to-consumer platform, tackling basic everyday delivery needs and services such as package delivery, laundry & dry cleaning, food delivery, storage and shoe repair. Levy pioneered lockers as a 21st century solution to accommodate people's busy schedules.

What started out as a locker-based delivery service for 8 apartment buildings in San Francisco, Laundry Locker® has exponentially grown to currently work with more than 900 buildings with over 50 public locations and 6 Laundry Locker® retail stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Laundry Locker® has been voted 4 years in a row as the “Best Dry Cleaner in San Francisco” by SF Weekly Readers.

In June 2013, Levy launched Drop Locker®, making Laundry Locker’s® innovative software platform (that powers their locker-based delivery) available to small business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe. By licensing the Drop Locker® platform, Drop Locker® partners can develop (in a relatively short amount of time) a 24-hour locker delivery business and operate as their own branded company. In just 9 months, Drop Locker® now has a network of more than 500 locker locations in 30+ cities.

Levy and his team’s latest venture is Luxer, a locker solution for package delivery that leverages the Drop Locker network. The new service, catering to apartment buildings and complexes, offers residents unprecedented convenience to pick up their packages and ensures they are in a secure location with automated step-by-step transaction updates sent via text or online, adding enhanced tracking and accessibility to the user experience.

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