Controlling Your Offer - Pre-Conference Workshop


For the second, consecutive year Farelogix and Switchfly will host a joint pre-workshop to kick-off Aviation Festival.



The conference will continue the standard of bringing together some of the industry’s most recognizable and knowledgeable personalities and airlines to have in-depth discussions about the business, strategy and technology innovations happening today in the world of airline merchandising, pricing, distribution and e-commerce.

The hyper-connected consumer and opportunity for truly dynamic offers are driving the need for next generation solutions with speed-to-market times never before seen in our industry. The impact of NDC, new off-PSS offer engines, and predictive revenue management using big data/AI has ushered in a new wave of change and opportunity.  Is your airline ready?

Join Farelogix, Switchfly and several dynamic airline speakers in a workshop that is custom-tailored for airline e-commerce, IT, merchandising and distribution executives seeking to explore strategies and new technologies to dynamically manage all aspects of the airline offer, from pricing and merchandising to optimized availability and schedule-building, and then deliver offers to all channels using industry standard (NDC) API’s and advanced digital commerce platforms. Switchfly will even show workshop attendees how to increase ancillary revenues through reverse engineering.

Henry Harteveldt, Principal of Atmosphere Research, will be the keynote speaker. A veteran of the travel industry, Henry will discuss the future of distribution and revenue management.

Attendees will also hear about real-life case study examples of airlines taking back control of their technology and see live demonstrations from Switchfly and Farelogix that that illustrate the tremendous revenue and cost-saving opportunity that exists when an airline is equipped to control all aspects of its offer. 

The Airline Merchandising, Distribution & E-commerce Workshop will also address other topic areas, such as:

  • How is hyper-connectivity changing the landscape of e-commerce and merchandising in the airline industry?
  • How can my airline gain the ability to create, optimize and deliver offers dynamically and in real time?
  • How can my airline increase its ancillary revenue?
  • What is “active distribution’ and how is it driving the adoption of new technologies?
  • How is artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data making it possible to achieve greater profitability per product?
  • How is technology and big data changing the science and revenue possibilities of Revenue Management?
  • What strategies and solutions enable launching new products quickly and with minimal disruption to existing digital commerce platforms?

Workshop leader

Henry Harteveldt

Henry Harteveldt
Atmosphere Research Group





The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class conference where hundreds of airline leaders from around the planet meet; and, a fantastic travel technology exhibition. To visit the show is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.

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