Social Media and Brand Strategies for the Worlds Airlines.


Alexandre De Juniac, Director General and Chief Executive Officer, IATA

Alexandre De Juniac
Director General & Chief Executive Officer

Dara McMahon, Director of Marketing & Digital Experience, Aer Lingus

Dara McMahon
Director of Marketing & Digital Experience
Aer Lingus

Carolijn Hauwert, Social Media Hub Manager, KLM

Carolijn Hauwert
Social Media Hub Manager

Stephany Van Willegenburg, Senior Industry Head, Google

Stephany Van Willegenburg
Senior Industry Head

6th September - Business Design Centre, London






Aviation Marketing Social Summit





Social Media Experiment

Simplifyling will be running an exciting live experiment where you the audience will be able to take part. 
Dave Carroll

Inspirational Keynote: Caring on Purpose: Innovating the Customer Experience

Themes include: 
  • Today, there are no statistically insignificant customers.  Every story matters
  • We, as humans, are fundamentally connected with one another and that connectedness can be the foundation of a successful business
  • Being a 'compassionately designed' company allows you to be transparent and congruent in your storytelling, and ensures you will remain relevant in the eyes of your stakeholders.
Carolijn Hauwert

Keynote Presentation: How are KLM combining artificial intelligence and human interaction to enhance social customer service?

Themes include:
  • Ways in which you can combine machines with humans in tackling the increasing deluge of social media inquiries that your airline receives
  • How responses will get smarter over time to improve personalised engagement with your airlines passengers
  • What is the future for voice integration with conversational services such as Amazon’s Alexa?
Simon Dempsey

Context. Authority. Story. The new standard to engage with the digital traveler.

How personalization, customer loyalty and retention are determined by a brand's ability to be relevant.
  • Context: How understanding the 'why' of travel will transform your marketing position. 
  • Authority: Brands that participate in the character transformation of their customers create brand evangelists.
    Why the airlines brand is its strongest asset in a digital era.
  • Story: Why the framework of story is such a powerful way to compel the human brain.
Spencer Wang

Netflix: How airlines can deliver the on the ground experience in the air for their passengers?

  • What is the future of connectivity partnerships and how can it help airlines improve their passenger experience and brand quality?
  • How you can use connectivity and content to differentiate your service and drive revenue?
  • Free or paid model: Where do our partners and their passengers find the most value? 

Morning break and refreshments


round tables

Social Round Tables - Click here to view tables

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. 
  • Creating engagement on social channels with customer generated content and stories
  • Alison Casha

    Alison Casha, Social Media & Brand Specialist, Air Malta

  • How can you win at real-time social customer care?
  • Shashank Nigam

    Shashank Nigam, Chief Executive Officer, SimpliFlying

  • How to measure the real ROI of social for your business; finding the metrics that matter
  • Rachel Hawkes

    Rachel Hawkes, Global Head of Social, T.U.I. Group

  • Preparing for an era of Live crisis management at airlines - lessons and best practices.
  • Marco Serusi

    Marco Serusi, Senior Consultant, SimpliFlying

  • Social Marketing
  • The opportunities and Challenges of AI, VR and Augmented Reality for airlines and marketers
  • Youvraj Seeam

    Youvraj Seeam, eSales and Product Manager, Air Mauritius

  • Using live video as a way of engaging your customers in a creative and personal way
  • Naomi Bressan

    Naomi Bressan, Social Media and Content Executive, Monarch Airlines

  • ‘What are the main challenges airlines face when it comes to automating your Facebook ads at scale?’
  • Sarita Runeberg

    Sarita Runeberg, Regional Lead for Iberia and Brazil,


    Networking Lunch


    Shashank Nigam

    SimpliFlying Social Media Outlook Report 2018 unveil

    Simplifyling will be running an exciting live experiment where you the audience will be able to take part.
    Ali Jasim

    The future of search and booking? Driving sales for your airline through social media

    Themes include:
    • How can you incentivise your passengers to use your social channels as a search and booking platform?  
    • What are the benefits of using avatars as a personal search assistant and which platforms should you be using?  
    • Meeting your digitally native customers on their terms to maximise direct sales. 
    Dara McMahon

    How can airline brands connect with passengers In the digital age: What does the proliferation of chatbots mean from the consumer perspective?

    Themes include:
    • Leveraging social media and your airlines brand to start a conversation with your customer
    • Increasing automation without losing personalisation?
    • Balancing digital and human interactions to promote an emotional investment to your brand
    Azim Barodawala

    Delight your customers, Delight your CFO

    Themes include:
    • How are leading airlines improving both customer experience and unit revenues?
    • What role do emerging digital communications technologies play?
    • What is the potential for this technology?
    Panel discussion

    What is the future for conversational commerce and how is the dynamic between airlines and passengers changing?

    Themes include:
    • How can you reach and interact with customers when they may be using several different social media messaging platforms?
    • Interacting in human, localised and personalised manner to provide a useful and differentiated service to your passengers
    • How can you turn these conversations into a revenue generating proposition that offers value to your customer?
    • With the advancement of artificial intelligence and the proliferation of instant messaging apps how can we keep up with these rapid changes in technology?

    Networking break and Refreshments


    Alexandre De Juniac

    Driving industry change and modernisation: The development of the customer experience – From data to distribution

    •        The future of the payment ecosystem: With payment systems and technology changing so rapidly will the IATA BSP remain relevant?
    •        The future of the customer proposition: How can we bring highly personalised products to the market quicker using data and insights?  
    •        The future geopolitical and security landscape: Which geopolitical and economic uncertainties are causing the most concern to the aviation industry?
    •         The future of IATA: How can IATA represent the industry and build global standards when it is missing out on the fastest growing market sector—the LCCs? 


    Rachel Hawkes

    Case Study: How TUI is employing innovative content strategies to make their offering more personal, social and profitable

    Themes Include:
    • How to focus innovation strategy to push the boundaries of traditional content
    • Improving customer experience through the use of social UGC
    • Tinder for travel – Utilising Apps and APIs to engage, personalise and monetise
    Stephany Van Willegenburg

    The evolution of search technology through machine learning: Making possible for airline Marketers what was impossible just a few years ago

    Themes include:

    ·  Understanding the potential for voice search, translation technology and image recognition in
    ·  How airlines can deliver business results and impactful personalised connections to customers through
    automation and digital marketing
    ·   Connecting customer signals with digital touchpoints and on trip experiences


    Seth Cassel

    The Digital Conversation with Your Customer: Big Data, User Experience, Direct Channel Growth

    Themes include:
    • Grow your airline's direct digital channel by learning to recognize and address customer intent through anonymous big data
    • Serving relevant experiences to your customers at all digital touch points, using geo-location and dynamic pricing
    •  New technology to bring the conversation directly to the customer 


    Panel discussion

    How can carriers integrate loyalty and social as part of an effective marketing strategy that improve your brand and drives sales?

    Themes include:
    • What are the new and creative ways that you can offer passengers rewards that are relevant and personalised?
    • How can you leverage social messaging platforms to create exciting marketing vehicles that engage and excite your customers?
    • What can LCCs do to generate loyalty when they don’t traditionally operate FFPs?
    Sharada Iyer, Head of Loyalty, Oman Air

    SimpliFlying Awards 2017


    Welcome Drinks Reception

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