Tony Vail | Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Wealth Wzards

Tony Vail, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Wealth Wzards

Leads Wealth Wizards product development.  One of the founders in 2009 of Wealth Wizards, the UK’s first true robo-adviser, set up with the aim of making expert financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone.
Previously part of the founding teams behind Zopa, the pioneering P2P lender and Egg, the internet bank, he has also been a strategy adviser to various blue chip financial services businesses and is a qualified actuary.


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 13:20

Panel discussion: Engaging your future consumer with financial planning: What must be done today?

  • Understanding the next generation of customers: How do they behave and what do they want from their investments?
  • How are companies preparing to engage millennials and generation Z investors?
  • Which channels should firms be present in to accurately attract new investors?
  • Social media and customer engagement: How active should you be?

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