MOVE EV Virtual Agenda


Singapore, 10 March 2021


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Mar 1009:00
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Opening Panel: South East Asia in spotlight - The development of green mobility in the region

  • The state of sustainable transportation in the region – where are we and what are the challenges
  • What needs to be done to fast track EV adoption
  • Partnership opportunities between government and private companies
Mar 1010:00
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Panel: Accelerating adoption of electric two wheelers in South East Asia

  • What are the approaches that will accelerate this transition?
  • Why is SEA not scaling as fast as compared to Europe? What are the key blockers and issues?
  • Perspectives from governments, regulators on fast tracking the adoption
  • Understanding the behaviour of consumers in term of buying and charging patterns
Mar 1011:00
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Panel: Driving the innovation of electric mobility in South East Asia – from powertrain, to business models, and policy

  • What are the main challenges in electrifying passenger cars – in term of powertrain innovation and changing automaker’s business models
  • What are the roles of plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for a widespread pure EV adoption?
  • How can the private companies lead in terms of innovation?
  • How can public sector lead in terms of governance and regulation?
Mar 1012:00
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Panel: Boosting the electrification of public transport

  • Addressing the poor coverage of charging infrastructure in SEA – how does this impact the adoption of EV?
  • What are the opportunities for private companies?
  • Addressing the challenges of heavier batteries, which reduce vehicle carrying capacity and may damage road surfaces
Mar 1014:00
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Panel: Advancing the electrification of commercial fleet

  • What are the challenges in adopting EV for fleets?
  • How does city government play a role in reducing the carbon emission of fleets?
  • The advantage of adopting electric fleet – operational cost, tax relief, environmental impact – and what are the opportunities?
  • What are the key considerations in electrification of fleet – size, location, purpose?
Mar 1015:00
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Panel: Facilitating the interoperability and standardization of charging station

  • What are the main challenges in making sure that charging infrastructure are interoperable – either within a country or across the region?
  • How to implement standard and non-propriety protocol of charging station?
  • How to improve accessibility, reliability and availability, vehicle compatibility? Who’s in charge?
  • What are the roles of connectivity in ensuring interoperability?
Mar 1016:00
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Panel: Building charging infrastructure for widespread adoption of electric vehicles

  • What is the current model of building charging infrastructure? How does this create barrier in EV adoption?
  • How to estimate and generate demand for charging stations?
  • What are the most viable business models for a commercial charging network?
Mar 1017:00
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Closing Panel: The convergence of energy and mobility

  • Establishing the link between renewables energy, grid system, and electric mobility
  • Preparing utility companies for a widespread adoption of EV - what shall be done and what roles do utility companies play for the adoption?
  • Planning for the transformation of mobility and energy systems, i.e. the incorporation of more renewable energy sources in charging infrastructure and the reliability of power grid
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