Singapore, 25 May 2022


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May 2509:15
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Welcoming Remarks by Terrapinn

Kym Chua, General Manager, Transportation, Terrapinn Holdings Ltd
May 2509:30
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South East Asia in spotlight: Supercharging green mobility in the region

  • The state of sustainable transportation in the region – where are we and what are the challenges
  • What needs to be done to fast track EV adoption
  • Partnership opportunities between government and private companies
  • How can government manage costs associated with the supply chain and sustainability of EV industry
Moderator: Satya Ramamurthy, Partner, Global Co-Head of Public Transport, KPMG
Chanin Khaochan, Deputy Secretary General, Thailand Board of Investment
Mark Tan, Head, National Electric Vehicle Centre (NEVC), Land Transport Authority
Atty. Teresa Ira Maris Guanzon, Director, Committee of Energy
May 2510:30
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Accelerating EV adoption – partnerships, business models, opportunities

  • Developing a comprehensive plan for an all-electric future – achievements, upcoming projects & trends
  • Collaboration opportunities to accelerate EV adoption
  • Innovation to drive EV adoption - how can companies lead in terms of R&D innovation
  • Overcoming EV adoption barrier - charging infrastructure and fast chargers
  • Innovative financing scheme to further accelerate EV adoption
Moderator: Andrey Berdichevskiy, Future of Mobility Solution Centre Leader, Deloitte
Chee Kiong Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Charge+
Dr. Harm Hauke Ross, Director - Aviation, Mobility & Transport, KfW IPEX-Bank
Yoga Adiwinarto, Operation and Safety Director, Transjakarta
Kelvin Tay, Managing Director, Future Mobility/CEO BlueSG, Goldbell Corporation Pte Ltd
May 2511:30
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The future of electric vehicles – innovations and technologies

  • Overview of EV landscape in ASEAN – trends and opportunities
  • How R&D innovation and technological advancements are driving electrification
  • What does the future for electric vehicles look like?
Moderator: Ju-Len Leow, Chief Content Officer, CarBuyer Singapore
Krisda Utamote, Director Corporate Communications, BMW Group Thailand
Isao Sekiguchi, Regional Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Nissan ASEAN, Nissan Motor
Markus Schuster, Managing Director, Audi Singapore
May 2512:30
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Future of Mobility: The rise of shared mobility and EV

Interviewee: Shobhit Singhal, Chief Transport Officer, Gojek
Interviewer: Alok Jain, CEO & Managing Director, Trans-Consult, and Member of, Council for Decarbonising Transport in Asia
May 2513:00
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Redefining the value of e-mobility as an energy resource: A Business Case from Korea

May 2513:30
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Advancing the electrification of commercial fleets

  • The state of electrification of commercial fleets in southeast asia and the outlook for the future
  • What are the opportunities and challenges that are faced in the electrification of commercial fleets?
  • What stage are different countries in and what can we learn from each other?
Moderator: Allan Schulte, Managing Partner, Head of Asia-Pacific Airlines, Logistics and Transportation Sector, Bain & Company
David Brown, Head of Channel Development Asia, Geotab
February Yoon, Chief Sustainability Officer, Pos Malaysia Berhad
Hassan Raza, Vice President Ground Operations APEC, DHL Express
Ampy Aswin, Industry Solutions Director, Supply Chain and Logistics, Google
May 2514:30
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Building highly efficient charging infrastructure for accelerating electric vehicles adoption

  • Current trends in the opportunities and challenges faced across SEA region
  • Synergy: role of collaboration and partnerships between government and private entities in EV adoption
  • Leveraging technologies to build an efficient charging network
Moderator: Vivek Vaidya, Associate Partner - Mobility, Frost & Sullivan
Wen Tung Chiu, Group Director (Research & Development), Strategic Planning Group, Urban Redevelopment Authority Of Singapore
Shiwen Doong, GM Mobility, Shell
Akarin Suwannarat, Special Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, Energy Absolute
May 2515:30
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Electric Vehicles and Batteries – what's next for electric mobility

  • Current trends in electric vehicles and batteries technologies
  • Testing and certification in electric vehicles and batteries – challenges and opportunities
  • Future for electric vehicles and batteries
Moderator: Nuwong Chollacoop, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Research Team Leader, National Energy Technology Center
Jaemin Kim, Head of Department/ EV Global Strategy Team, Hyundai Motor Group
Hadi Sanjaya, Program Manager, TÜV SÜD Thailand
Yossapong Laoonual, Head of Mobility & Vehicle Technology Research Center (MOVE), King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Dr. Michael Schugt, EV Business Segment Manager, Keysight Technologies
May 2516:30
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Paving the way for Asian countries’ transition to electric mobility with CHAdeMO’s V2G technology

  • What is the current state of V2G development in Asia?
  • Increase in load on power grids – how do we balance demand & supply? What are the opportunities and challenges
  • Overcoming instability to the grid system – V2G: opportunities & benefits
  • How do we plan and implement its deployment – best practices and on-the ground experiences
  • Moderator: Tomoko Blech, Managing Director, CHAdeMO Association Europe
    Hiroshi Seki, Business Group Leader, EV Charging/Discharging Business, Nichicon Corp
    Setthasit Chardgaroon, Head of Digital Utility and New Energy Business Section, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
    Masao Tsutsumi, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Nissan Motor Thailand Co Ltd
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