The most important POS lending and credit event for merchants, lenders, and fintechs

June 3, 2021  |  Virtual Event
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The most important event for the commerce, retail banking & payments ecosystem

POS Lending is becoming a fast-growing part of the payments and retail sectors. A compelling consumer proposition is being developed where customers can borrow to finance purchases for much less than credit cards. This is why Buy Now Pay Later Summit 2021 is essential and timely.

Held over one day, with over 50 experts and presented virtually, BNPL will provide comprehensive and interactive coverage of all the important issues and technologies that will continue to create the future of POS Lending. BNPL Summit will unite leading voices from the retail, banking, and payments ecosystem.

Key topics


We plan to engage in valuable discussions in key areas like:

Business Models & Strategy


Collaboration & Partnerships

New Tech & Mobile

Credit Risk & Analytics


BNPL will ultimately impact the future of this growing market through developing connections, collaboration, and stimulating conversations for all stakeholders.

Our world-class conference will:


  • Showcase new technology transforming POS financing
  • Promote the adoption of data, AI and fintech to create efficiency
  • Increase uptake of Buy Now Pay Later plans
  • Enable alternative POS lending options for in-store and digital consumers
  • Equip merchants, retailers, and retail banks with multi-channel payment solutions
  • Promote innovation, technology, and new thinking in payments & eCommerce
  • Enable seamless purchasing gateways on social media platforms 
  • Bring together leading retailers, merchants, retail banks, fintech startups, credit reporting platforms and providers to do business



from across the value chain



Merchants and Retailers

Retail Banking


Big Tech

Payments and Cards

Lenders / Alternative Lenders

Venture Capital and Investors





  • Data Analyst
  • Head/VP/Director/ Manager of:
    o Payments
    o Mobile Payments
    o Digital Payments
    o Payments Operations
    o Payments Strategy
    o Ecommerce
    o FinTech Innovation
    o Innovation
    o Credit
    o Legal
    o Compliance
    o Strategy
    o Business Development
    o Product
    o Payments
    o Marketing
    o eCommerce Solutions
    o Payments Solutions





Our Sponsors & Exhibitors

are world-class solution providers





BUY NOW PAY LATER 2021 provides a stage for start-ups revolutionizing the payment industry. We will help connect them with capital and industry partners to transform POS financing.



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