Phillip Tai | Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Phillip Tai, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Dr. Tai graduated from UC Berkeley (BA, Molecular and Cellular Biology), and University of Washington (PhD, Biochemistry). He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the Horae Gene Therapy Center and Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems.  He is also the Director of the Vector Innovation Discovery and Engineering (VIDE) Program and a faculty of the Li Weibo Institute of Rare Diseases Research.  His current research focuses on:
•    The development of next-gen sequencing methodologies to profile AAV vector genome quality
•    Discovery and characterization of natural AAV capsid isolates for vectorization and gene therapy
•    Development of safe and efficacious vectors


Day 2: Thursday 20th May 2021 - Gene Therapy @ 15:00

Workshop: Novel gene delivery systems: what’s available? Exosomes, transposons etc. considerations, challenges

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