Claudia Diamonte | Clinical Trials Nurse
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Claudia Diamonte, Clinical Trials Nurse, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

I am aa RN with over 15 years of experience, the last 6 of which have been a clinical trial nurse. I work in the Cellular Therapeutics Center, where we treat patients with Immune Effector Cells on Phase I/II trials. My primary responsibilities include collaborating with physicians and research team members to develop and conduct clinical trials, screening patients for protocols to determine eligibility, participating in the informed consent process, and provide education for patients enrolled in a clinical.  In addition to my primary role,  I am involved in monitoring toxicities, assessing clinical responses, and ensuring protocols are conducted in a high-quality manner in the ambulatory setting. I have presented on the role of nursing in developing a CAR T cell program, and strategies to optimize communication between nursing and the research team to improve workflows.


Day 3: Friday 21st May 2021 - Commercialisation, Pricing & Access @ 17:00

Workshop: Bedside delivery of cell therapy nursing perspective

·Screening patients·Infusion related issues and how to avoid them·Avoiding neurotoxicity·Monitoring after cell infusion·How to spot signs of complications·Finding the right medication·Working with other departments
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