Aristides D Tagalakis | Senior Lecturer
Edge Hill University

Aristides D Tagalakis, Senior Lecturer, Edge Hill University

Dr Aristides Tagalakis is a Reader in Gene Delivery and Nanomedicine at Edge Hill University. The main objective of his current research has been to develop and evaluate different non-viral and nanoparticle technologies in gene therapy for cancer, cystic fibrosis, glaucoma and cardiovascular disorders. Previously he worked as a Senior Research Fellow at UCL. He holds a PhD from The University of London. He has acted as a PI/Co-I on several projects. He has authored over 75 peer-reviewed publications (original research articles and conference proceedings) in high-impact international journals. He has been a member of the ‘Physical Delivery, Therapeutics and Vector Development Scientific Committee’ for 6 years of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. He is a reviewer of national and international project/programme grants and a regular reviewer of over 45 leading scientific journals. He serves on editorial boards of scientific journals and is a consultant for pharmaceutical and small biotech companies. He is a Fellow of: the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, the Higher Education Academy and the Royal Society of Biology and a Full Member of the Biochemical Society and The British Society for Nanomedicine.


Day 2: Thursday 20th May 2021 - Gene Therapy @ 14:00

Episomal gene transfer for gene therapy

·The Mitotic Stabilityof the episomes within the host cell·The Deliveryissue of non-viral episomes into cells
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